War matchmaking strikes again

Yeah, I mean our last war was a laugher where we won by 800 points on a mismatch in our favor. I guess we should have reset our top heroes so that we get a matching where we can win by 801.

I am tempted to do the math on how much ham and iron it would be, and how many times you could do it before all your emblems were gone, because who has that many reset tokens?


You know there’s a difference between feasible and practical. I could walk to work every day at a distance of 15 km. It’s feasible, but not practical.


Yeah, can’t imagine doing it for every war. The resources and time will just be atrocious.


I shouldn’t even respond, but no, it’s not feasible to the extent that any alliances are fixing matches in this way. Your basic premise is absurd.

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Soooo……where is this proof of this wide spread conspiracy of yours? I mean, if you want people to take you seriously after you claim to have proof then you should lay it out.

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Recently our war opponents have been significantly overpowering my alliance. I started comparing war scores and found the teams we have been getting matched up with are as much as 25% higher in war score than us. Is anyone else noticing this issue.?

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Riddle me this, batman, how can it be “broken” if the other guys are getting paired with people 25% lower than them? It’s not broken. It’s random. You’ve had a streak of bad luck. You’ll get your turn.

Is your alliance full?

@Thor01 was last seen 1st of May but have yet to respond to calls to show proof on his “intellectual challenge” claim on fixes…

We are a small alliance, 5 players, moderately strong with defense average of 4900. War score 22k, opponents lately have ranged from 23k to nearly 30k war score. In the past war score difference has been very close, within a couple hundred points either way.

Smaller alliances sometimes have challenges with near identical matches.

Also, they may have members not participating in your war but opt for war after the matchup. That should bump their war score without creating an appreciably disparate matchup for the active war.

Also could be those alliances are newer and don’t have the war history that provides a bigger score.

When BeSt of Romania was created with 30 veteran players, the first seven or eight wars were squashes because that alliance did not have a long track record. I imagine the same situation happened post CP when The Avengers was created.

Good point. Was just curious if others where dealing with this as it’s been an unusually long stretch of mismatches. Thought it might be there are just no longer that many small alliances. If it persists our solution may be to merge with another alliance…

Thank you for the replies

When in a two person alliance, we matched with appreciably weaker alliances. We’d go at least 11/12 one-shots. And the opponents wouldn’t hit 4500. We got to test lineups but it wasn’t competitive and unlikely enjoyable for the other alliances. Iirc, our war score was higher. And there just weren’t many alliances that size with our heroes and troops.

Good luck.

Yup, wasnt fun for the Avengers or our opponents. Some of the allies understood what had happened while others were bitter and acussed us of cheating the system. Matchmaking still really struggles with half full allies trying to find proper matchups.

It doesn’t matter who you’re matched with.

It’s all predetermined whether you will win or lose anyway.

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Did you forget the little (S) thingy to signify sarcasm? Because I figured it was sarcasm since no war is predetermined.

Yeah, im trying to understand why these peeps even bother playing since it is all “predetermined”.

Because sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

Can’t win if you don’t try