War matchmaking strikes again

I am but that doesn’t answer my question. How close where the war component scores. Giving total alliance score means nothing with regards to matchmaking

This was undicated earlier. So see my earlier post

You provided the overall alliance score. The war score is a component of the overall score and you can see the separate components (trophy, titan, war) when you hit the question mark.

As for saying that people remove emblems for matchmaking purposes and then adding them back in, you have proof of that? For one thing, that’s pretty expensive and I can’t imagine that it really moves the war score that much.


Even if i have unlimited cash, i still don’t think I’d be willing to burn emblems like that.

I presume they were on a 3 war losing streak, y’all were on a 2/3 war win streak and these unbalanced matchup happen.


It wouldn’t if you still had powerful heroes. Matchmaking considers the power of your top 30 heroes, so you’d have to spend an absurd amount of food and iron putting those emblems back on afterwards for it to matter. And you’d have to do that every war, for all your heroes above a certain level to move the needle. No one is doing this.


Also, using top heroes and troops for food but who would do any of this for one war win? It’s insane to think someone would pull emblems of a bunch of heroes knowing the wasted food and iron for one win? That’s just nuts.

I think the OP is looking at the alliance score and not war score. These types of posts need screenshots.

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Feb '19

@Prasa Alliances are matched based on War Score.

Here’s what that Score includes:

It is NOT based on:

  • Alliance Score
  • Trophies
  • Titan Score

As none of those are included in the War Score.


I think only method really used to lower alliance’s war score is recruiting new members and opting out/in by alliance members (change of the list of opted-in players resets the won wars bonus).

Much larger differences are possible. Think about matching a full 30-player alliance where half of the pleyers opted-out from war with a smaller 15-player alliance. Their war scores may be equal, but the first alliance will have much larger trophy score and - probably - also titan score, unless the players “opt-out” from titan as well.

Matchmaking in this game is what drive some people away and it is too, what makes others stay.

Matchmaking in tournaments I find to be the most frustrating though. It rarely seems fair. But that is EP in a nutshell.

There are many flaws to it. I’m not sure if things are going to change at this point given how long it’s been going on though.

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There is a way to reliably lower your war score after winning a war.

However it is applicable mainly for those that wage solo wars. It is nearly impossible to appy for a full alliance. Also, it requires your alliance to give up on the Warchest.

@Thor01 ,My guess is that:

  1. As many others already suggested, your alliance and theirs got matched by War Score alone - it is part of the total Alliance score. My guess is that the War Scores of both alliances were close or identical in number

  2. Matching based on most powerful heroes and troops etc is sadly negligible compared to matching based on war score. So it’s completely possible for your alliance to get matched vs an alliance with much stronger heroes and troops. It is presumable that they fared badly in their last wars which reduced their war score so that they could get matched vs your alliance.

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Dont say it doesnt happen. Not because you see it as absurd, mean it doesnt happen and isnt a practice.

Well for your information it as happen and a practice being done. So believe it or not . I have proof of this practice. But you can stay in the shadow and continue to believe its preposterous.

It doesn’t happen with any alliance wholesale, for sure. It also would only have negligible impact unless you did it to all of your heroes. Look at this example:

A player has 5 heroes at or around 900 tp.
They also have 10 heroes at or around 875 tp.
And they have another 10 heroes at or around 850 tp.
After that, they have about 20 heroes in the 800 range.

To effectively drop 125 points of value from their personal score, they need to reset and then reemblem 5 heroes. At which point the game reads their 5 best as 875 each, instead of 900 each. That’s hundreds of dollars of food and iron to fix after matchmaking ends. If anyone does this routinely, they are paying for a paid intern at SG.

To effectively drop 250 points, they now need to do it to 10 MORE heroes, on top of those 5. If anyone does this routinely, they are now paying for a full time developer at SG.

It’s not just absurd from a budget standpoint, it’s also absurd from a time and roster management standpoint. It’s not a fun or easy process to go through all that. The interface for doing so is tedious at best. Even reseting and transferring emblems to a different hero is tedious and costly. You get a % of food and iron back, but it’s not 100% at all.

It’s simply unfeasible to sustain for an alliance. Long gone are the days of matchmaking cheating. There were real issues, for sure, at multiple points in the long life cycle of the game, but they are effectively resolved at this point.

And think about trying to convince 29 other people to spend that much money routinely just for a minor edge.


So, why not provide the proof instead of just stating it? If people are doing it, I’m sure others would be interested in it because it is a really expensive way to drop war score.


Let it be. You dont have believe what i said . So its cool. Believe what you may. Thanks for you time.

Basically, you come with a post accusing something that while feasible, isn’t practical and that you have proof, but instead of providing proof you say you have, just state, “believe me”. I think it’s pretty obvious that you don’t have anything to offer as proof, particularly since you don’t even understand how war matching works.


“Dude, you don’t know her, she goes to a different school.”


At least you are not dumb after all. Because you know its feasible. But , there will always be doubtful Thomas like yourself.

Wait…do you mean you don’t reset all 60 of your emblemed heroes everytime war matching comes around???

Hmmmm…this explains a lot. :slight_smile: