War matchmaking strikes again

What’s your teams defence set up for it .

Don’t forget your on community forum so I’m sure players here can give tips and help if needed.

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I look forward to you posting your war results. :popcorn:

@FrenziedEye… Ever hopeful you might be passing by soon, we need your positivity :smile:

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Thanks Chrislilt
But that won’t change a thing, they’re just too strong for us… All troops at +30, better heroes for them, we are not near their level

May the tiles be with us lol

FWIW, my alt has been doing solo wars and completely outmatched.


So, best of luck @algeco


No miracle for us, too much Akfrike and mother north for us :grin:

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But… That’s a much closer margin than previously. Congratulations on the improvement :tada::confetti_ball:. You’ll get them next time!

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Just so you can have a laugh. I’m technically the janitor. While I love to complain, war matching isn’t one of them. I think they have it pretty much down. This war just finished I was late to the party and was left as the only one with flags to play. Not my personal best high score, but my best individual performance.

From personal experience, whenever I come at the top of my alliance’s attackers then we lose most of the time! :laughing:

I suspect the janitorial role is trickiest now with rush wars, whereas previously it was field aid.

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I like the positive spin. Last time I was second and we won. Then again, I’m usually last, I like your powers of observation. Consider my ego diminished, :laughing:

My alliance has never won with me at the top. I consider it a curse and always request someone beats my score if I go 6/6 :joy:

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Good explanation of something I tried to get across a while ago and failed. Our latest matchup at least gives us 2 days off lol.

(Our Defense strengths are roughly our best attack strengths too)

Enemy Defense

Our Defense

We win roughly half (or more) of our wars; but last twice were because they didn’t use all attacks

Sadly, @TGW (RIP) is no longer with us except in our memories and the ideals he lived by.

Your enemies didn’t use all their flags? Had it occurred to you they may have played their full hand and could not mathematically win? The Ghost Ship wins about 2 of 3 against enemies that seem unbeatable. The opponents defence does not represent bench depth. Working as a team can get you unexpected victory.
Good luck in AW. :slightly_smiling_face:

They could definitely have won. In each case one player never used any of their attacks and another didn’t use some.

I get the depth bit; we have had some brilliant wars that have gone to the wire (some won, some lost) even when, as you say, you wouldn’t have expected any chance.

But too often we end up with at least one enemy so much bigger (or sometimes just the superb heroes) we can need 5 or 6 good armies to take it out (or in some cases never do get out).
Even playing cannily (which we do) to maximise our chances doesn’t help then.

I enjoy a close war, or at least where I have to think about hero choices, how to play etc, but too often (as seemingly outlined by OP) it seems we end up against an enemy that we get hammered by or only win because they don’t play: but there has been no real enjoyment in many of the battles

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