War matchmaking strikes again

Wait, is that an option? I missed that checkbox! Count me in! #BabySealWarMatchup

(removes tongue from cheek)

I am sorry but this is quite fair, we have a 24 man war with 12 players whose defenses range from 3.3 to 3.8K TP, the other 12 vary from 4.0 to 4.6K TP. In some wars we do not have a single opponent below 3.8k TP. We still have a good win ratio.

Fairly. This is a word the game does not have in its terminology.

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Very amusing thread.

Mimimi, our war opponents are too strong. SG has to fix it. We cry if we lose.

Sharpen your axes and attack :wink:

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Complain. This is a word that you and some other players have in their terminology on speed dial

Thanks for advice @Enni.
Three gamers work for clean. Actually we apply your advice. The difference between us and the rival team is troop levels. We troops levels low more than rival team troops.

So the best attack is defense. We have to raise troops levels.

I thought this was going to be one of those matchups to teach us a lesson, and bring us back down where we belong. Some call it - unfair matchmaking process. Our rival was much more experienced: their average level was 60, ours is 51. At this level of playing, it usually means significantly deeper rosters. At least I’d expect that from those 5 players above lvl 70 (our “oldest” player is lvl 63). Their 14 players above lvl 60 agains us: 2 x lvl63, 2 x lvl60 and bellow.

At first glance, their defence teams looked superior as well: avg tp 4440 vs. avg tp 4270.

However, this was the final score, with the same number of unused flags (5).

Bottom line, it’s not all in numbers. There’s something in strategy and the quality of game play. Looking just at numbers this shouldn’t be a fair matching. But obviously, we perform a bit better than expected overall, while other team is performing a bit worse than it should for whatever reason.
One day we’ll be matched against the team that will wipe the floor with us… But you know what? That’s ok. It’s ok to be challenged, even if it means a terrible loss.


This is just a bug, a delay in the game refresh, it goes away in no time.

The entire alliance we fought and beat today were all chronic cup droppers and I had to wonder why they don’t raid if they cant win against a technically inferior alliance

Maybe they’re not cup droppers by choice :rofl:


New experiments with war matching?
Opponent alliance:
My alliance:

We have 4 defeat in a row. All opponents was stronges than we on 2000+ scores

We have just lost a war by 6 war flags, this happened because we were matched up to an alliance with one extra team than us! Plus to rubber Insult to injury at the point in the war when the enemy alliance has there last 6 flags (extra 6 flags) we would have won. (Please see screen shot as proof)

War matchmaking has been particularly bad at least 7 times in a row. Our last was Dadinasmool against Tarkov. Our team members who participated Dieter Level 45 team strength 4205 strong, Slok L42, TS 4058, Amelia L47 TS 4040, mirjam L33 TS 3639, Kai L31 TS 3358, Killer Bunny L54 TS 4375, Davidduende L30 TS 3599, Thibaudbeer L20 TS 2255, Evil Uk L41 TS 4052, LucyLo L43 TS 3992, Ron L54 TS 4530, DweightSneu L18 TS 1896

The opponent Palladium L40 TS 4019, L51 TS4250, AMNTPNN L38 TS3912, Stason L44 TS3770, Silver L28 TS 3022, Paw L56 TS 4372, Eddard L55 TS 4253, NpNWKa L45 TS 3861 Wiiy L46 TS 4176, Maksi L27 TS 2774 Tulusa L61 TS 4259. Score 3403 against 4905 for Tarkov. What fun in such wars must be for an alliance?

it is not possible to make war in series such as in team sports. Where for example you fight against each other with 20 alliance and the winners of the competition rise a series and the losers fall a series

Can people stop whining because it’s kind of fair? Your opponents are based on your performance. Do well and it gets harder and strategy is integral. You just can’t show up 12 hours late to find you cannot mathematically win. You need a war daddy or mommy to call it and team work is critical. FFA’s are natural losers.

Sorry for being real with you.

if your alliance keeps losing and your war score keeps increasing and you have again to compete against heroes who are much stronger. And your alliance is also penalized because you have to take starters with teams of 1700 teamstrenght because it is their first war in which they cannot stop participation and are immediately knocked out without scoring a few points themselves. The fun of the game is over quickly. The matchmaking is anything but good and not everyone is a math idiot for not realizing that someone with a team of 1700 can’t score even against someone of 2800. We have children of 10 years old in the alliance who realize that payers are being looked at here.

again bad matchmaking 19 team members against each other we with 7 starters of team strength around +2000 opponent 5 from 3100 to 3300 the rest is around 4000, our war score is 33290 of the opponent 31668 how is this possible? The matchmaking has no longer evolved relevant with the game. when convicted the war score has to deal much more.

matchmaking settings
how is it possible that in my alliance the strongest has a power of 3400, we meet opponents of 4700, 4100, 4000. Not just one but three. Does this seem correct to you? Just give more importance to previous results, we want more balanced wars. This iniquity discourages us from playing. Change something. We are always losing because of you. Thanks


There are a ton of similar threads on the matter. The idea is not entirely new. And since you don’t really have a novel proposal in it, I am half-heartedly inclined to change the thread category to bugs. But I am letting my betters to do that instead :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Read this entire thread.

It’s possible because those other teams with the 4700 TP teams tried to fight other teams their own size, and lost every single time.

Consider them the war equivalent of cup droppers. :roll_eyes:


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