War matchmaking strikes again

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It’s not. So is life. You have to play with the cards dealt, win or lose, and move on.


I think sg should be something.

I mean…you are both small alliances with crazy strong defences. You’ve just punched up to a tougher opponent.

I know alliances of your size that would hate to play you and your defences.

I mean in Football (soccer to my US friends…) in the UK the FA cup you often see teams from much lower leagues playing against much bigger teams.

They are playing them because they have played well enough to earn the right to have a go. And sometimes they win as well. The rub of the green goes their way and they get the David vs Goliath victory.

However your war is just Goliath Jr vs Goliath. Play smart and you still might win it. Which of course means you are likely to get another tough war next time. Which is entirely fair.

Or do you just want to club seals for easy wins???


Can you show the top 30 heroes from both your alliance and also your opposition .

Defence set up is only a small number of heroes used to determine matchups . They may have better 5 best heroes but your teams bench may be superior


It’s war… what exactly does fair mean?

We dont want to easy victory. I can loosing it is not problem . But we want to win or lose fairly.

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I don’t see the problem? They push their defences to the limit you don’t that is on you.

It all looks pretty even to me…


It cannot happen on this game.

Reason is simple : if you win your war score improve while your roster/troops. If you loose your war score decrease while your roster/troops is still the same.
Therefore the more you win the more its likely the next match will be unfair cause you will probably encounter an opponent with a better roster/troops but who lost before.

Also only the 5 best troops are counted for the war score. This is the most ridiculous principle. The best 25 troops should be counted because nobody is attacking rainbow (or almost no one) so how is it fair when an opponent goes mono or even 3/2 and have more than 3 troops of the same color >23 ? This is the most ridiculous thing imo.

Looks close enough to me :slight_smile: best of luck

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That is not an unfair match up, only slight difference really. We regularly face much tougher differences

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Well, it’s not really unfair at all, if your defenses are around 46xx or 47xx doesn’t really make a big difference.

Further, the levels of the player are not that far away from each other, so we can expect that both alliances will be able to bring 6 good teams to the battlefield.

Without knowing the full line ups, I would think that the main difference are troops and event heroes.

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I would be more concerned about some teams not respawning until March :joy:

This is final score all flag used. I think it is not fair.

Thats a total normal come out on wars with 15 or less participants.

Looks to me that either

  • you had incredibly bad luck (or you played bad)


  • enemy had incredible good boards


  • both of the above

Its not uncummon to reach 6000 points, but its a good score. 4400 is normally a score you would lose to almost any opponent.

I wish best for your upcoming wars :slight_smile:


This life doesn’t always be fair

We fought them too, @Rasim, in the very first war of this year (it was 2 wars ago).

A very good and organized alliance indeed. We were 14 x 14. I believe that the less players the more fluctuation in war score can be expected…



I agree with you…

Actually they are not. But they was win every battle. Thanks for answers friends. we will strengthen the defense ans we will focus on the future wars. We learned that :slight_smile:

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