War matchmaking strikes again

Ah, this was meant to say 30. But yeah, sounds like they’re taking advantage of the current war score loophole.

For what it’s worth, the devs have been working on a possible recalibration of the war score system based on individual players, rather than an overall combined alliance score, which would be much more dynamic. Last I heard, they expect to have enbough data after another couple of weeks to be able to figure out if implementing such a system will solve this problem. I’m optimistic that it will.

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From what I saw the war scores of the alliances are very close. Insofar as that goes the algorithm returned a ‘fair’ match. Isn’t Aggressive an established alliance? Could it just be they expanded their family?

Given SGG have introduced the new player war history metric it may take some time before we see the obvious war shuffling alliances slow down, because the obvious loophole is gone. Time will tell on that one.

In any case, good luck.


Wait, this is in the live game already?

Thanks all for answers and wishes. We will fight them anyway we can no matter how it ends.

Not that I am complaining on anything it is how it is, we will fight anybody and give our best win or lose. Just noticed that this is big difference between teams.

My smaller members where shocked when they saw Agressive and so many big teams…:rofl:

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Can anybody recommend any strategy?

We play green tank and we are international alliance so time dependent attacks don’t work for us.

I don’t think so, my understanding was that they were going to collect and analise data and only introduce thoose chages later…
And there was no announcement on update release notes…

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And we’re on version 31 now. Still in a trial period. Give it a few weeks (I suspect 15 wars from other comments) for it to effectively close the main loophole.

EDIT: more generally, I think it means they’ll have a separate database of player war history to see how it compares to the alliance war history. Some of us believe by making it a player metric they can no longer exploit it by forming a new alliance (which has no war history).


OK, gotcha, we’re on the same page then.

That’s actually like adding 2.5 players of my level (~43) to a team and that would just be out of order.

I wrote to SG support and they told me it is a fair matchmaking. Haha

@Petri @KiraSG

You are letting fake new alliances run the game, probably because they spent their pants on the game…

Support told me how matchmaking works like I don’t know that and in addition they told me we had to much wins and we had one in a row…lmao, SG that explains it all.

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How did our alliance get matched up with an opponent whose Defense teams averaged 190 points higher than ours??

There are many similar threads you might want to read. The search tool is an awesome but little used, feature of the forum.



War matchmaking strikes again :rofl: functions perfectly :rofl: how it is said? Never change a running system they changed and ruined war is already lost

We got screwed mid week war. Got what seemed like a fairer matchup this weekend. But we completely destroyed our opponent. I think my group is tough to match up. We are somewhat new as we are a 38 day old alliance. But we Have destroyed our opponents. The 2 losses we have were at the hands of MUCH stronger groups. The claim that they measure the top 30 players of each roster is either a blatant lie or they are factoring it incorrectly. I’ve been playing for 3+ years and war matchmaking is a bigger disaster now than it has ever been.

I totally let my alliance down. The opposition had shallow benches but the beastly defense teams. I only had a few targets that I felt I should leave for more junior members but a 3650 mono is going to struggle against a 4200+ defense (at least at my skill level). I’ve opted out. :anguished:

It’s another bad matchup with war for our alliance. Why put energy into it when you’ll know you’ll lose? On top of that, the stakes are further set against us when our heroes don’t work like they should. I heard through the grapevine that lots of alliances aren’t going to participate PERIOD. I’m sure more excuses will be lobbed at us for complete mismanagement by a company who puts profits before standards. That’s not just me who thinks that.

we always put forth same effort every war in order to data farm, learn, & grow win or lose

and of course have fun as well

but that’s just us, i can’t speak for all


the war and the updates since the new updates began to improve the matchmaking, they seem like a very bad joke, since since then we have not won, realemnet is going badly in

Well someone is winning, why is it such a secret for them?

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