War matchmaking strikes again

Does anyone know when if at all this is gonna get fixed? Tired of getting paired with teams that have a team power 20k more stronger than my alliance.

Allegedly team power means nothing but when my alliance barely has 3 members at 3.5k and the other team has 6 with teams of 4k i would call that highly unbalanced.

I literally replied to this exact same thing earlier today…

Read here:

War shuffling is “fun” for the other alliance.

I seriously doubt that they will or can. Seriously, you can’t stop people ditching an alliance unless they start coding that information into player profiles. If there is something I can complain about, you can be sure I will, but my experience is that things are fairly reasonably balanced until you have 5 straight wins.

My personal war score has been driven up from its starting level of around 1813 to yesterdays level of 2063 after 4 victories and the defense teams i have been facing have gone from ~3600 to this one just gone at 3980 (my defense team is 3585 pts and I have just one attack team over 3650) and so they did have 3 strong attack teams and 3 mediocre ones, wiping the floor with me (but they had to use all 6 flags to do it) although i can put up a variety of 8 plus different teams (albeit weaker). As a consequence my war score has fallen accordingly and my next war should be a winnable matchup. It is simply not realistic to consistently win time after time and expect that your opponents are going to be totally onboard with losing time after time.

Maybe you should be looking at peoples rosters, using known strategies and improving weaker players skills?

I don’t think you can force people to follow the rules and I am fairly certain that alliances that manipulate their matchups are a fairly small minority. Most people are interested in fair play in my experience.

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I’ll post this here too.

Assessment of loot in a set alliance vs. the war shuffle/ alliance hopping strategy:


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Wouldnt cup dropping fall Into the same category of person. As what you are describing about the alliance makers. They are porpusle exploiting the game to bully on people smaller than them right? Interesting

Are they really “bullying” people weaker than them though?

Cup droppers are just making raids easier for themselves. They even return the favor by having a weak defense.

I can see the argument you make, but I don’t quite agree. Similar but not the same.


They are making things easier by fighting weaker teams which is the same thing or not???

Fighting weaker teams is similar, but they aren’t doing it by making themselves weaker like a cup dropper would.

You could argue that the cup dropper can replace their defense with a stronger one, but that is only temporary. They must weaken their defense to go back down again.

war manipulators do not need to expose a bad defensive team. They get the benefit of weaker opponents AND a sturdy defense. That I deal is the difference.


But the midstate is the same. Both are people looking for an advantage versus actually using skill to gain wwhat they want. Yeah I wanna feel my raid chest but never has it crossed my mind to lower my defense and bully lower tiers of people. Doesnt matter what defense team you use you gonna get raided and lose unless you in the top 100 so I see what you are saying but I dont agree as you simply could fill.your chest at your level. Rapid raid filling isnt gonna help.you fight teams your level.in wars so now you are taking away from your teamates because how can you perform at your level if all you do is run from it?

I personally don’t cup drop because I can compete in the top tier with a very high win rate. Others, however, want the 5 easy kills with no risk of losing. This does fill the raid chest faster.

This doesn’t help you get better at wars. You are right. That is why I revenge everyone regardless of strength to test my versatility. Not everyone is like you and I in that regard. To each their own here.

You may be right that cup dropping makes You less skilled in war. I won’t argue that, but that’s a different topic.

I still disagree that it is bullying. That is a strong word nowadays.

I enjoyed the little back and forth. Time to feed the horses. Have a good rest of your day!!


Never really thought about cup dropping as being the same issue. In essence, I guess you’re right. It’s kinda the same thing.

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I cup drop only when RNG had thrown me on its sh!t list and delivered me into the hands of 20 straight lower-rated opponents without a single victory. I won’t place a bad defense up because I don’t want just anybody to take cups away from me. I want to have control on who I let have my cups, so I just completely throw the raids by attacking opponents that will drop me over 40 trophies, then I beat 4 of the 5 enemies towards the raid chest, and then I flee before beating the 5th one because at this point RNG is trying to be sympathetic by allowing me to beat an opponent I shouldn’t be paired with anyways.

So once I’m a good 700 trophies below where I should be, I allow a cooling off period to commence where I refrain from participating in raids for seven days even if it’s in the middle of a chest (because the rewards from raid chests suck anyways unless you’re in Diamond Arena, so it’s not like I’m missing out). After seven days, I work my way back up targeting only opponents with a higher rated team power or team cost because even less 700 trophies, I always still draw 4000+ team power defenses with over 2300 trophies while looking up from the top of Gold Arena. Sometimes, the game gets to me, and I have to take a break especially when my real life circumstances suck too.

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I have never lost 20 matches in a row even when j was new, so I’m gonna say that if thisnisnjappening regularly you may wanna talk to some people about your builds, show some footage of some footage of some matched on line, get help from the people who enjoy doing it cause that’s just not normal, I very rarely lose three I a row anymore and it’s usually to people with +30 troops and + 15 emblems or more. Which that’s fine because I know where my teams stand at this point and what i need to work on.

Thanks for this point of view because most cup droppers I meet intentionally set low teams to go after “easier” chest refills and that’s just not right to be willing to bully and confuse new players just for your own benefit. I here people say the game stresses them out but in all actuality you simply need to be willing to listen. A game is supposed to represent a challenge not supposed to be easy, and that what I love about this game, every single time ingo into a battle I can win or lose and depending on the board and my builds I can own good boards and survive bad ones. Learning to survive bad boards will benefit you the most In this game as it requires a different style of building and fighting which will get you further in events and ares to farm.much needed supplies.

Thank you for this it is definitely a point of view I hadnt considered.

It’s not a regular occurence. But when it happens, it’s noticeable.

As stated never had that many losses in a row and if you have line I can attach you to some people where you can show your roster and possible get some trial set ups for some revenges you have in your tower. Our main goal is to make sure everyone is having fun, once some people can look at how you are running your teams you may be surprised at how easy it is to get you more W’s. Good luck to you out there :slight_smile:

At least with cup dropping you have minimal impact on others, but with war shuffling you have a greater negative impact on a whole team of other players. (Not that I’m a fan of cup dropping, but not as big a deal imho)

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I hear what you guys are saying but I’m just not a fan if higher level players attacking lower level players in any situation. This used to cause massive problems in the mmo world till we literally had to have whole allaince of people whose job all day was to stop players from pking other players.

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I don’t feel bullied by cup dropping or that war strategy, you win on one side but lose on another. For that war strategy you need some allies to go with it too, that have the same mindset and don’t wanna fight titans higher than 5stars or so. Would be a nice alliance name then „the cup-dropping bullies“ or „some like the challenge - we don’t“ :grinning:


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