War matchmaking strikes again

Now, I tried writing a ticket but i got the regular bs answer that matchmaking takes into consideration the top 30 heroes on both sides, but unless our lowest guy of 2900 has 30 heroes of the same power as their lowest of 3700, I don’t see how this is an answer I can get behind. Our latest war, this one, today, is against an alliance that was created 19 hours ago and consists of 27 people of over 4000 team power while our alliance has only 12 people over 4000. Their lowest on the field is 3700 while our 2 lowest are 2900. I would really like to understand how matching works because top 30 heroes is bullshait. Also, how can an alliance created 19 hour ago have a war score of an alliance that’s been playing for over a year?


Short notes summarising many other threads:

  • War score is a combination of a number of elements
  • One element is the top 5 heroes each player can field
  • Another is the top 30 heroes in each player’s roster
  • Final element is the war history.

Because it’s a combination of all three aspects, wars and matchmaking can be manipulated somewhat. A new alliance obviously has no war history. So their war score is based solely on the other elements.
Thus making the scores A + B + C = A + B + 0
So the values of A and B for alliance 2 will be larger than alliance 1 on order for the scores to be the same.

Over time, alliance 2 will develop a war history bringing them back on par with alliance 1… That is unless they continue resetting the war score by creating a new alliance.

Alliance war history is accounting for the previous 20 wars. So an alliance can potentially reset their score every 5 or 10 alliance wars to take advantage of this.

There is one massive downside to this process… By creating a new alliance, not only do they reset their war score but also their titan score… This takes a while to build back up & means that for the first 1.5-2 weeks, the alliance will not be killing titans greater than 5*… That’s a substantial drop in loot for the easier wars…

Read more on the theory here. I’m currently gathering some data on the loot comparison between sacrificing titan loot for war loot.


Thank you for the comprehensive answer.

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Seen that a couple of times, mostly small alliances of 2-4 players forming new alliance after war chest collected. Some even brag in forum and on youtube that they never lost a war in one year. Like soccer hooligans beating up preschool kids and bragging about it. But if it makes them happy, some like the challenge, some stab you from behind while sleeping, humans :rofl:


I don’t see how basically using a pathetic exploit of the game system would be a bragging thing but to each their own I guess. I wouldn’t brag about being able only to win by using this method cuz I’m not good enough to play against someone my own size.


dont see it too, but see it happening. lets keep that screenshot and take a look in 5 wars from now. does that alliance exist then and if it does how long it exists, cause you can make a new one with same name too. maybe a cooincidence and we do them wrong, cause its easy with few players but not so with many, or to find many players who appriciate that style imo. a bigger alliance would lose a lot loot from higher titans for that faster war chests which hold crap anyway half of time :thinking: had something similar a year ago with 5 on 5, me highest at lv35 or so. We were matched with a 1day existing alliance someone from Agressive (about lv 60, the others around lv50) seem to test new contenders, he was the 6th and didnt participate. we were slaughtered, and i wrote in alliance desprition “happy to be meat on your way up :blush:”, at least we got a back a “sorry :slightly_smiling_face:”, so that somehow made sense to me. :grin:


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I understand it can be very frustrating to lose a war, but please note that the #forum-rules prohibit naming and shaming players or alliances.

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Also could be a broke up and reformed top alliance. Have done that twice here. You’ll see 10 wins before your history balances matchmaking, but it takes a month to get back to 10* titans.

War chest has far better rewards than 10* titans. So I don’t think they’ll cry over the titan loss when they get 5 easy wins in a row at wars.

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My data states otherwise…

I’m just finishing the trial and then will publish the data…


Does anyone know when if at all this is gonna get fixed? Tired of getting paired with teams that have a team power 20k more stronger than my alliance.

Allegedly team power means nothing but when my alliance barely has 3 members at 3.5k and the other team has 6 with teams of 4k i would call that highly unbalanced.


I literally replied to this exact same thing earlier today…

Read here:

War shuffling is “fun” for the other alliance.


I seriously doubt that they will or can. Seriously, you can’t stop people ditching an alliance unless they start coding that information into player profiles. If there is something I can complain about, you can be sure I will, but my experience is that things are fairly reasonably balanced until you have 5 straight wins.

My personal war score has been driven up from its starting level of around 1813 to yesterdays level of 2063 after 4 victories and the defense teams i have been facing have gone from ~3600 to this one just gone at 3980 (my defense team is 3585 pts and I have just one attack team over 3650) and so they did have 3 strong attack teams and 3 mediocre ones, wiping the floor with me (but they had to use all 6 flags to do it) although i can put up a variety of 8 plus different teams (albeit weaker). As a consequence my war score has fallen accordingly and my next war should be a winnable matchup. It is simply not realistic to consistently win time after time and expect that your opponents are going to be totally onboard with losing time after time.

Maybe you should be looking at peoples rosters, using known strategies and improving weaker players skills?

I don’t think you can force people to follow the rules and I am fairly certain that alliances that manipulate their matchups are a fairly small minority. Most people are interested in fair play in my experience.


I’ll post this here too.

Assessment of loot in a set alliance vs. the war shuffle/ alliance hopping strategy:


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Wouldnt cup dropping fall Into the same category of person. As what you are describing about the alliance makers. They are porpusle exploiting the game to bully on people smaller than them right? Interesting

Are they really “bullying” people weaker than them though?

Cup droppers are just making raids easier for themselves. They even return the favor by having a weak defense.

I can see the argument you make, but I don’t quite agree. Similar but not the same.


They are making things easier by fighting weaker teams which is the same thing or not???