War matchmaking screen not displayed [25 Nov]

IOS 14. War matchmaking screen is not displayed- jumps from last war victory/defeat screen to the next war preparation screen, which doesn’t give players the ability to check in/out of war.

I have a video, it would be difficult to post without editing as it has my account ID.

It reappears if you force close the app.

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Same here. At least three straight wars in a row now.

I could not see when matchmaking will start on my device while others in my alliance could see it!

A player in my alliance was offline for 3 days now. He missed the mid week war. I wanted to wait with kicking him as long as the next war matchmaking is announced in the war tab of our alliance.

My brothers device showed at 17:18 CET that the matchmaking will start in 1h 41 minutes.

Only one minute later 17:19 my device did not show the announcement for the start of matchmaking, I only saw the result of the last war.

Even at 18:53 CET I could not see an announcement for the matchmaking.

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I can add that I’m running the game on iOS (not showing announcement) and my brother running on Android (showing the announcement)

As I took a video, I can show the timestamp from that video on the same device. Before rebooting when others were telling me matchmaking in progress:

Forced closed the app (regular open and close retaining app in the tray does not work), and yep:

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