War matchmaking question

Yeah, it was great to see the response. I just hope that there is some dialogue before anything is implemented. So many folks on this forum have immense knowledge and great suggestions that it’d be a pity for the company not to better utilise these voices and varying perspectives.

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Seems about right!

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Honestly, just simply tying war win/loss ratios to individual players would probably solve most of the problem.

One potential “downside” of that is that bad players from winning alliances would be stuck with a higher war score that might make them a liability when moving to another alliance, but… well? Maybe people should be punished for not using all of their flags.

This is unnecessary


Yeah, Kaffy already pointed that out to me. I wasn’t sure if the issue was going to be fixed anytime soon, as that post got buried beneath the 1000s of alliance recruitments and Telly/Vela nerf stuffs. :grin:

I’m very happy to see that! Will be nice to return to somewhat normal wars again. Looking forward to it.


It is by no means perfect

This is great to see.

I’ve been operating under the assumption that the devs don’t even post here anymore. Was very surprised to see them directly address the server outage, that was cool.

They should come chat with us more often. They can just put me on their block lists (if they haven’t already) so that they don’t have to read my nonsense. :smile:

(A guaranteed response from staff?)

I already posted there :wink:

Then it was pointed out to me that the idea might lose forum validity if I was seen actively supporting it.


I know a cup member had posted, but they are so tiny on my phone, I did not realize it was you.

LOL yep it was me. Sorry, us cup folk all look alike.

One of us! One of us! :grin:


I always appreciate an Asimov reference :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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This. I just recently got a compass from an 8* (or was it 9*?) Titan that ESCAPED, for crying out loud. The vengeful Scorpio in me hangs on to this little tidbit, while laughing at the karmic smackdown those new-alliance opponents have brought upon themselves :wink:

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By the way, I filled a war chest today. Here is what you missed.

You get this once every 2.5 weeks at max. If you track your titans, I bet you’ll beat this. Your compasses already matches my trap tools.


Not that it directly answers @TGW’s question but one thing I’ve noticed is that the algorithm seems to really enjoying pairing us with stronger defenses but shallower rosters. In my previous alliance that was still growing , we’d regularly get matched with opponents who had at least 50% 4000+ defenses while we only had 3 or 4 players who could field such defenses, but they clearly had little depth as they’d sometimes flame out starting with their 3rd flag.

Now I’m in a bigger, more endgame alliance (but still with a fair share of newer players), and I’m still seeing the exact same thing. Difference is instead of maybe one or two 4400+ defenses, we’re now regularly seeing 5 or 6 of them, while only 2 players on our side have 4400+ teams, but we clearly have the edge in terms of bench depth if you look at the scoring history.

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I believe that was a 9*. And same experience - well, didn’t get a compass personally, but… yeah… the 8 and 9* titans give fairly nice loot compared to whatever level their new alliances are fighting.

That actually was the case with our last opponent. Sadly we still lost, but just barely. We had one member get disconnected during a fight, and a few bad boards… we were literally only 2 flags away from winning. Against a team that overpowered us in every possible way.

The problem is that while their benches weren’t very good on the attack side, the lower level members on my team were using 3* heroes to try to take down 4200+ TP defenses. When you have players whose best teams are 3700 TP and they have to fight multiple opponents who are all over 4k… hell, my own lowest flag on one of my alts was only about 2400 TP, and I used it to mop up a fully emblemed 5* straggler. Would’ve probably been impossible to pull that off with a bad board or in a Field Aid war.

In the end, we only lost by about 150 points, which in all honesty is kind of pathetic considering the power and level differences between us. There’s no way we should have even come that close. No wonder they were using the reset exploit, because that’s the only way they can win a war apparently, is by picking on smaller teams.

All good though. If their next opponent is anything like our previous opponent that slaughtered us? They are going to get utterly destroyed. The they can enjoy a taste of their own medicine.

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It always sucks when you get paired with a “new” alliance that exploits the matchmaking to get easier wars, I’m sorry. :frowning:

We actually had one just like that in my previous growing alliance. We had 3 or 4 players with 4000+ teams, me being one of them, and we got matched with a 9 day old German alliance that had 13(!!) 4000+ teams on their defense.

We all felt so indignant about it that it pushed us to fight harder, and I guess karma sided with us because that war we all got awesome boards while they got crap, and we won by a landslide (700 points I believe). I somehow managed to one shot four 4200+ teams using mostly 4*s and that was truly cathartic. It was our best underdog victory by far and I’m glad we taught those bastards a lesson.

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