War matchmaking - question

Questions about matchmaking - so far we’ve got opponents with more or less similar war score and it was OK, no matter how their defensive teams are stronger than ours.

This war our opponents, beside total score which I don’t take in consideration have a way higher war score (for 6k points). How is it possible because I thought that opponent is determined by war score, looking someone with identical one?

The war we are currently fightingis like the 4th or 5th in a row when we get much stronger opponents. And all of them are like 1 or 2 day old alliances. Something is going on. We also filed a complaint about it and support said that there arent any bugs with the MM which i highly doubt since we are getting the same type of opponents over and over again.

Now when you mentioned it, I take a look and except three members, 27 of them are members of alliance in best case since 6 days ago, and 24 are members since one to six days ago.

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