War Matchmaking notification

It would be very helpful to add a symbol somewhere on the HUD to indicate the countdown until war matchmaking.

I post it as a featured message in the alliance but people are still missing it and not getting opted out in time.

Maybe an exclamation point on the alliance tab and then war tab similar to raid tournaments.

Or a timer that has war matchmaking begins in x hours that countdowns under the avatar on the HUD.

I don’t think that would have any effect. If they don’t opt out now, they won’t opt out then either.

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Players have right up until about 15 minutes before the matchmaking actually begins. The warning that matching making will be starting soon lasts for several hours.

It’s already a pretty big window so I would think it would have to an extraordinary circumstance that would arise causing an issue with players needing to opt out in that last 15 minutes.


Not to be harsh at all but anyone slightly paying attention should be able to read the system message.

Also it’s not like the war times are a big surprise. They have been on Wednesdays and Saturdays forever.

As far as brand new players go it would be up to the alliance to explain the war system.

If someone wants to opt out of war the best time to do it is immediately following a war that way you won’t have to worry about forgetting.

Just my two cents worth.
Yarr!!! :pirate_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag:


This is the message we post in our featured box when the battlefield scene disappears. It stays up right until the matchmaking begins.

[#FFD700]WAR FLAGS: opt out before the matchmaking begins. If you choose to fight a war - all flags are to be used.


Where this may be helpful in some instances. I don’t believe it’s really needed. Between me, my co-leaders and Elders giving extra/extra notice both in chat and on line, I think additional would be overkill. As the pre matchmaking window is so big, and the general pre/Matchmaking is around the same time of the week, the alliance quickly becomes accustomed to it.

What I WOULD like is a shock collar to notify alliance members that war has started and use their flags. Now that I would gladly pay extra for…also likely abuse for absolutely no reason :wink:

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We like to emphasize that fighting war is a conscious choice and if a player has the slightest doubt they can use all their flags, they are expected to opt out.

This is the message we post after the matchmaking has started.

[#FFD700]War Flags: If you are opting in to fight the war, it is expected that every flag be used. This is a team effort and we play to win!

Yes, we take war flags very seriously :grin:


Now this is an idea that I would definitely vote for.
Especially during the farming rounds.


:joy: @anc1ent1, we have a setup where all our low levels go after all our opponents under 3k TP immediately at war start, 6 hours later they do it again. In the 2nd round we have them do it again then go for at least one flip, 2 on a good week.

This does a few things. Makes our lower level members realize they are making a difference and contributing to the win.
It stops our mid level teams from taking out the easy teams and leaving the higher level teams.
It seems to get everyone excited for war plus they know basically how long until we are hitting again so it works for our overseas, different time zone players too. Not to mention they can still go about their daily lives without worrying they are needed.

Still want the shock collar because there’s always those outliers that seem to do whatever they feel like


I would upvote shock collars haha!

But I don’t think it is all that much to ask if they can add a “!” to the alliance and war icon/tabs like they do for raid tournaments as a visual reminder?


I agree that it’s a pretty good idea.

Unfortunately I don’t think SG Will do anything about it.

But I definitely see the merit of your post.
Best of luck to you and your alliance.
And with that being said you get my vote.


That’s not a bad idea at all. Just an ! Would be rather helpful. Probably not something SG would even bother with though.

I’m out of votes but here’s my



If people ain’t looking anyways they ain’t gonna see a ! May click n just ignore it straight after if they do!
In this day and age you can’t really be that aggressive towards people :woman_shrugging:

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So your vote is shock collars naturally right @Dudeious.Maximus?

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Yeah! I train people to do a job if you f up your gonna know if your not learning it correctly im gonna let you know. As prepearing for real life when they step into job people won’t stand for f up or doing things wrong
It’s tough love :heart:
Told one person Once before I’m on hoilday next week if you haven’t Learned that by the time I’m back im gonna break yah hand! They laughed I said speak to Sam he tell yah!:joy::rofl:


Word! Ain’t that the truth. Problem is you can fixed Stupid but you can teach it to do good and get a reward, or drool when you ring the dinner bell :joy: I mean Pavlov proved THAT


I always say too everyone why are you here! Why do you want to do this! why you wasting your money if you don’t have answer to either of them questions. Write down your answers! Or the door is that way!
Honestly dont read what they put haha :joy: showing me what you can do and talking to me and people asking questions shows me more than anything

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