War matchmaking needs to be more fair

This only for developers to read, I don’t care for players to start attacking my post. I know every time I post anything negative or some kind of complaint about something this game I usually get people trying to ridicule me and my complaint. So just I’m only posting this in the hopes the developers read this and if players send me a message they are wasting their time because I’m not gona bother to read it. I and several people keep complaining that we keep getting matched with people that are significantly stronger than my alliance and it months of playing nothing seems to change. For example this current war the alliance we are going up against has 4 people over 3900 and 8 total over 3700 where as we have one person that over 3900 and no one over 3700. Sure we can beat some of these people by tag teaming them but it wastes two or 3 flags to kill one of them where as they only need one flag to kill one team at a time, hence they have the advantage. I hear some these alliances are tanking their previous war to get a bad war score so they can easily win the next and that’s how they are tricking the system to get matched with alliances like ours. I don’t know if that’s true but developers should look into this

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