War; matchmaking; masking alliance strength and score?

When I was in a multi-alliance family, it was quite common for leaders to hop between the alliances, and swap around leadership roles.

It’s also possible they just created a new alliance.

Most likely they weren’t kicked. It sounds like it’s either an actually new alliance, or several of the members popped out and back in — again, that’s quite common for some players to do, and doesn’t manipulate or affect matchmaking.

This is where your question is similar to the other thread — you’re wondering about the impact of win/loss history on War Score.

While we know that’s a component of score, we don’t (I think) know exactly what portion of the score it is, or how the devs approached handling matching for cases where two alliances have a different length of win/loss history.

It’s certainly possible they didn’t handle those cases well, although all signs point to the devs having made tremendous effort over the last year to refine matchmaking and take many factors into account to make better matches. So I suspect they have a solution in place for that.

Judging by my own experience in my alliance, and the multitude of forum posts about matching each War, I think it’s safe to say that quite often, people look at their matched team and feel it may be an unfair match.

Nonetheless, those matches are often winnable. It just requires strategy and teamwork.

And, of course, the more you win, the harder your matchups will be, since that’s taken into account in War Score for matching.