War Matchmaking Issue -- Proposed Solutions (Developer response: post 107)

War matchmaking is based on the participants in an alliance.

If someone left an alliance, for whatever reason like titan hunting, and missed out on matchmaking then they shouldn’t be in the next war. This seems to be more an issue of timing rather than related to time served with an alliance. (Unless I’m missing the point.)

Wont this result in top alliances endlessly seeing the same 5ish opponents? Even moreso than now?

Inherently false.

We gave up on people…We’re done trying to recruit. We are perfectly content with our small group of friends.


I hope this proposal will manifest sooner.

And reward them for being top tier. Although I am in a top tier alliance myself for the good of matchmaking the entire population war block should be reduced back to 3.

The variety at the top is so little in terms of war defenses, what difference does the opponents name make?


And with that you opted out of caring about loot lol

Nothin false about it


Stringing 14* titans = most loot possibilities in the game on daily basis along with most titan chests

And unless you guys are at the top of whatever x member war bracket you’re in to string war wins and fill more than normal war chests, then you’re most likely missing out on that too by not being in a full alliance and figuring out how to win at war cap which ends up filling more war chests

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We get better loot at 11s and 12s. But this isn’t about titans, it’s about war so stay on topic.

You can string together war wins at any level, and teams that stay at however many occupancy, war loot has always been fairly decent.

You are being the prime example of why I’m defending half full teams. There’s way too much arrogance by you guys at the top and just assume to know how everyone else is cause we don’t all buy our accounts.

Idc about having to face 14 star titans every day, but we stay together and do war every time. Punishing us cause we don’t feel a need to boast about where we stand in the leaderboards is absolutely ridiculous.

It’s not rocket science, but you’re making me feel like it is.

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Exactly why it gets repetitive and boring “at the top”. 25 Telly and 5 Heimdall is just as monotonous as it was with 28 Guinevere.

But now because we don’t want to deal with that nonsense, and aren’t actually committing the acts depicted in this proposition; we are to be punished too? What?

Unlike what he thinks, we ain’t giving up on loot just cause we ain’t taking on 14s daily, but range from 11-13s in concern to titans and do so with an unfull alliance and despite dedication and playing to win, we are to be punished in that teired effect regardless.

If you’re staying in the top, and getting titan loot as depicted – you should see the double standard easily.

The premise is built upon constantly remaking an alliance.

That equates to 1-3 star titans while trying to get themselves a chest which would be a 2 and a half week process. In that same time frame you took out 18-14* titans.

So if as ge says “14* titans give out consistently good loot” then acknowledge that 1-5* titans aren’t producing those results even remotely and are actually the ones sacrificing titan loot for war loot, it shouldn’t even matter.

What it only serves to do is punish those, like myself, who don’t care about numbers, but consistently maintain themselves where (in their opinion) are comfortable and most importantly having fun.

This proposal hardly punishes anyone. It directly says to reduce no loot for any level, just to increase it as an incentive to keep alliance full and to keep alliances from restarting.

Just because you personally do not benefit directly from this incentive hardly is a reason to dismiss its impact on the matchmaking system. Please try to look at this proposal from the standpoint of the entire game.



Teired loot is still a punishment by its own decree as it is based on variables and if x does not meet said criteria, they get less by default.

It proposes that it doesn’t want to force people into a certain standard of how one should play, but then puts out guidelines/teirs that does exactly that.

If your war score isn’t x, you can’t get good loot but average loot.

You could have 10 people who’ve bern together in an alliance for the past 3 years together who would instantly be caught in the crosshairs because clearly their war score isn’t going to match up and now war participation loses its meaning.

So I am looking at the game overall and this would just create utter chaos when you envision how bad recruiting is now and how amplified this would make it.

…but, hey, we gotta live up to the standards or we don’t care and gave up, right?

Not at all what the proposal says. Funny that you automatically assume “tier levels” and where they break down. This is something purposefully left out of the proposal. That is for SG to decide what makes sense. Specifically I was requesting a different number of rolls, much like titans. Of which you admit with less rolls you yourself get better loot at 11-12 titans. Give the all teams an incentive to play better. That’s all.

It’s sad to me that you see this as the top gets good loot and the rest are doomed for average loot. That is a pessimistic world view. In my world. I look at a few “bottom” tier teams are unaffected with regards to loot, and all other tiers are given bumps in the number of rolls for ascension mats, more food, more iron, and a few tokens.

Also as you say many teams are content not playing for the top. With regards to those teams, what does increased loot to the tier above them matter, other than keeping those higher level players out of lower level tiers?


Wrong again

How many penalties are you at for how many members and how do you feel smackin around small teams you shouldn’t be warring against is fair for your team to string wins and get more loot?

You’re a prime example of a problem in the current war system

Not about boasting and leaderboards

It’s about your team contributing to the multiple complaints we see daily about matchmaking by manipulating the war system the way your team is if you guys are doin what you say you’re doin

Considering you just hopped in to say “we should get the same rewards for fighting easier wars that full alliances get for fighting harder wars”, i can see why this thread would be tough for you to grasp lol


Consistently more loot lol

How long have you been playin?

That is what it says and as I said several times over, I agree with all else, and stated why I believe teir levels are a bad idea.

…and if I’m not to care what those above me do why you even writing this caring what those below you do? Double standard much?

Wrong again isn’t a counter. I’ve been in top teir teams, been in mid, played for 3 years now so been everywhere. I started and soon after war started.

Why you laughing at the consistent line? Lol, your words.

We ain’t manipulating anything. Our match ups are even, we lose by a 1000 then win by 1000.

Again, Rigs, for the love of God put down the ego and argue against what I’m saying.

Did I say war matching is perfect as is? No, exact opposite. That’s 90%, like always, of your cocky self righteous arguments.

Then you’re not pushin for more loot therefore new system would have little to 0 effect on you

You’d get the same loot you do now, but those who put in more effort, teamwork, strategy, commitment, and time would get more. If i understand the proposal correctly and if SG would take the course that would make the most sense to me. Big if though.

What I got is one of two things:

Teirs are based on variables as a whole, meaning the alliance. Many may suddenly be affected as they do not met sudden teir criteria or

B. Teirs are based on the individual which as a cause/effect would destroy mercing or helping a sister alliance or just visiting other friends.

…and that has no impact on people? That’s somehow me not thinking of everyone as a whole?

Frankly if you get the same loot you always got and people who give a crap get more, and you complain about losing out because you are not getting the top tier possibilities and it is “unequal” while as you have admitted putting in less effort, you probably shouldnt be complaining?

Yeaaaah you just got me to vote.


It’s laughable that my comments are getting flagged off topic yet they are in response to off topic slander.

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