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Well for instance in our last war, we had a war score of 101569, or opponent were within 60 points of this. When it came to the war, they had 8 teams over 4500, another 9 teams over 4400 and all the rest were over 4200. We have 1 team over 4500, 2 over 4400. We have 10 teams of 4100 or lower. We obviously got absolutely battered. They scored over 6500, where as we struggled to break 5700. It wasnt even remotely evenly matched.

I know people will say, it’s based on your your top 30 heroes etc. But that doesn’t explain it, these guys clearly had much deeper benches than we did, yet their score is the same as ours. Tough match ups occasionally are fun, but when you don’t stand a cat in hells chance it makes it kinda dull and pointless.

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It also might be that they have lost several wars, which have drop their war score. Or your ally having winning strike.

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yes, they did. and even 30 heroes dont tell the whole picture. they may have 15 good heroes of each color go be ready to go 3-1-1 or 3-2-0 against any tank color. heck, they could have 30 of each color to go mono in every fight of any war.
working on war bench doesnt stop at 30 heroes.

How many wars did you win before that type of matchup? Typically the higher win % you have, the more likely you are to run into that

I looked at averages. Was in a rush and didnt have time to look at the currents(even though we have em all charted right next to the averages, the sheet was sorted by averages so i went for convenience but I’ll take a better look at things when i get home)

You guys are 22nd in the current “war ranks” based on current war score @Checker

Pure Speculation/guess work below

So if you’re concerned about matching with the top 3 within a cycle of 5 wars based on current standings:

So if each of top 3 matches each other once in 5 wars

That’s 3 out of 5 wars they can’t match below their weight

4th will be within top 5-10

5th would most likely be in the same 5-10 range, at worst 10-15

If i had to guess, I’d say you guys would have to win the next war to be a “possibility” which would put you over 129k

And then it would depend on timing of if there are better matches within the top 5-10 and would also depend on the war results of the teams above you guys

That’s my current conclusion on the theoretical you brought up

Again purely guesswork and definitely some unknown info in the mix as far as how recent the top 3 have faced each other, rematch eligibilities, future results of the top 30, etc etc etc

So just see how it goes. If you guys lose next war, then it would take 2 war wins to become a possibility which would make it even less likely

Good luck on your next war and hopefully if you guys win, you don’t get the matches you’re concerned about

That was the same conclusion i jumped to

But i really feel like we could be way off and it may not be That bad

I’m actually highly curious how it goes

Worst case we have some bad matches for 1 - 2 war cycles and unless those alliances on the losing end are consistent enough to win at cap or higher(currently only 3-4 in the top 100 able to do this so odds are unlikely) then it’s no more losses than they would normally have anyways, it’ll just be a less “fun” experience

But the experience will suck for both sides and considering capped teams are filling war chests at a faster rate with/without the change anyways then either side really doesn’t gain/lose anything

At least from what i can tell

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Also i forgot to mention earlier that SG did implement a change in november 2019 that did have a bigger effect on alliances outside of the top 3 which was extending penalties from 10 to 20 which has given a bigger range of opponents. It didn’t change opponents at the top as far as i know. So this change did that for those uneffected by the 1st change.

So from that point of view this is actually a fair move on SG’s end as far as giving more variety to All alliances

Now we just have to see if that fairness doesn’t cause extra unfairness as a side effect

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Ive read through this and still have no idea of cool down is. It it the number of days between wars or what??

Hope this helps answers.


Great explanation. It should be added to

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Yes, but the point was, that no match making system should allow 2 teams of such huge disparity have the same score. Such a system is broken however it occurs. We had lost the previous 2 wars due to similarly bad match making, so is not that we were coming out of a winning streak or anything. Genuinely level matched teams make wars so much more fun.

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Then @LuluA85 was right about the opponents being on a losing streak and bridging the strength score gap with their poor performance score

If it was me, i would work on strategy, tact, consistency and give yourselves a better chance at winning those type of matches

We face them ourselves

Blazing dawn, one knight stand, etc stomp the crap out of us lol

But we hit the drawing board, review the wars, discuss data, and look at where we could have given ourselves a better shot at victory

You’ll find that averages and consistency will trump luck

If you guys can figure out a formula to improve consistency and hit a minimum score of xxxx every war while figuring out a defense formula to keep opponents under xxxx for 9/10 cases then you’ll find your winning % increasing no matter who you match with. There will still be those instances where “holy crap we don’t have a chance in hell” but you’ll still fill war chests at a consistent pace and have more wins than losses and back to back losses will become a rarity


fir better than 99% of out tea, there are too many team for us to worry about see the same team. Those top guys and just beat each other up and leave us small fry along.

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They will. It won’t go down that far.

if the poor whales wants to have fun in wars then give them that by enforcing certain war rules hero class, team setup/color, etc and do the same to all of us, but dont give them weaker match just so they open war chest faster or whatever reason they brought up.

That would screw everyone but the tops…

Limiting hero variety only hurts those already limited if that makes sense


I understand peoples worries about the change, but I see it as a possible opportunity to whip on some whale buttocks! Match us up against the #1 alliance,if we win, they got beat by little guys, if we lose, they’re the senior jock that beat up on the freshman tuba player…win/win!


That’s the spirit lol

Better outlook than i had when i heard the news

Don’t think we’ve met, what alliance are you from? @nekkid625

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Fine shrubbery Traders

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Nice and looks like a cool team, original name for sure

Still like the attitude above but i don’t think it’ll be something you guys will run into right now

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