War matchmaking completely broken

War match making is completely broken. We have been outclassed by teams with high caliber player hero’s and troops. Our best player is equivalent to their 3rd or even 5th player in their team. I’m completely fed up. I have been posting screenshots in game arguing with a bot that copy and paste 5 different automatic messages. They clearly outmatch us and for the life of me I cannot get a human being to go over the evidence provided. We lose by 2,000 points to these high caliber teams. All I want is a human support to go over the evidence and explain to me how is this a fair match!


Perhaps you missed this thread when you searched the forum for similar topics :thinking:?

FWIW the moderators and users of the forum are players of E&P, just like you. :thinking:

We all been going through this weird matchmaking where the war score is close but the other team has so many 4k teams making the war almost impossible for low leveled players

Такая же ситуация 5 война, слив все камни идут в противоцвет, команды сильнее нашей

Sarah so there’s no chance to speak with a person who actually works on the empires and puzzles game? The in game support is run by bots. I have yet spoken to a human.

Yes and everytime I jump In support with concrete evidence of a miss match I get one of 5 automated messages from a bot. I’m close to telling my guild to stop trying to win anymore. I’m completely disgusted with the mechanics of the war match making. It was never like this before.

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I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve always had a positive experience dealing with SG staff, when I’ve submitted an issue. Idk :woman_shrugging:. Try this link…

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We won our war due to the other team had 28 flags left. This scales me because Saturday war we probably pit us against a team with multiple 4k teams

We faced the same thing. There is an easy way to do so. As you know, the matchmaking is based on alliance points. Now guess, what happens to alliance points if you start a new alliance with the same members after every full war chest…

A clever,but not at all nice move. I hate that. You can easy find out, you just have to look how long the members are in the alliance. Most of them are less than a few days in (in the meantime they are going to hunt titans outside the alliance) , and the max time inside will be 3 weeks, bcs the chest then will be full.

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