War Matchmaking-Beat a Dead Horse

I know this is a topic that has been covered time and time again. I also recognize it has its ebbs and flows. Our alliance is about to lose it’s 6th war in a row. Last week we lost by 1500. Averaged out of the seven war members we have an average defense of 3847 and and average level of 43. We are facing a team with an average level of 52 and an average team defense of 4053 (they also have seven members). Now I understand someone will always have an advantage, but when your team communicates their attacks and works together you should at least have a shot. Some of our team members can solely play cleanup on a war like this. I’m sure we are going to win our next 5 in a row now that I’ve said something. It’s just annoying when the matchup is so lopsided. Rant over.

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