War matchmaking 28 vs 29

Hello, i’m new on the topic and i’ve been Reading alot about mismatches of the war.
Is this something they gonna fix or?

Cause our latest war we ended up with our full ally (28) vs opponent (29) in which we barely lost. (08/11/2020) VERY dissapointing it is, cause the others get 6 attacks more. We have had no new members or leaving any members during the matchmaking.

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the forum.

As you may have read, this does happen with war match making, although rarely. However, the incidences of these rarities seem to have increased - is it because they’re being reported more now? Idk.

Very close wars can be both the worst or the most exhilarating, depending on the outcome.

You may want to check out this thread. It does happen and it blows when it does.

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