War matchmacking



Прошу прощения за созданную тему, просто в специализированной теме ответов модераторов нет. А так же прошу прощения за кириллицу, но Гугл переводчик позволит нам общаться.

После введения сундука войны распределение противников стало ужасным. После первой победы моему альянсу пришлось противостоять альянсу с силой на 10к выше, чем у нас. Это было очень тяжело, но мы справились. После второй победы нам выдали противника с силой альянса на 23к больше, чем у нас (94k vs 117k). Это несправедливо! Зачем нужен такой режим, в котором ты изначально обречён на поражение? При равных силах мы побеждаем за счёт тактики, активности и гордимся этим. Это интересно. А что нас ждёт на этой войне? А наших противников? За что им такой подарок?


I fully agree, our alliance “Heavenly” won many times, the chest appeared, the rival became many times stronger … in our alliance the score is 90k against 110k !! The system should be changed, it’s a terrible choice …


Machine-translated version of the first post follows. Quite interesting.
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I apologize for the created topic, just in the specialized topic of the responses of the moderators. And also I apologize for Cyrillic, but Google Translator will allow us to communicate.

After the introduction of the war chest, the distribution of enemies became terrible. After the first victory, my alliance had to confront the alliance with a force of 10k higher than ours. It was very hard, but we managed. After the second victory we were given the enemy with the force of the alliance on 23k more than we do (94k vs 117k). It’s unfair! Why do you need a regime in which you initially doomed for defeat? With equal strength we win through tactics, activity and are proud of it. That’s interesting. What do we expect in this war? And our opponents? Why would they have a gift?


Ok so i have a very simple idea on how to match alliances. You dont need all these formulas and testing this and testing that. All you have to do is match teams with the exact same total team power. If i have 35000 then match me with a team of equal value. The flags are the same whether or not im facing a team with 20000 team power more than me. It is fair and equal, and let the better team win. Its really the only right and fair thing to do.


it was the original mode, but some dumb people start losing trophies to face easier targets…there were level 50 players with 0 trophies…


Your right. I remember that happening. Im wondering perhaps go back to that, however have a punishment for cup dumping, say cannot play in next five wars and forfit war chest. It would be easy to monitor. For instance i lose a gundred cups but you check and see i lost my cups from someone raiding me, therefore i did not dump intentionally. One the other hand if someone suddenly drops a thousand cups and they are the one iniating the raids and its clear they are intentionally dumping cups, then the punishment kicks in. Just seems like the only right and fair thing to do is punish the cheaters, dont punish the many that play fairly and enjoy the game. We just want a fair shake.