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Can anyone tell me what metric they are now using for war matching? Our alliance has just been handed what looks to be the worst mismatch yet.

Alliance score: 90K to our 65K

Trophy count: They have 1 diamond, 12 platinum, 11 gold, 3 silver, 0 bronze. We have 0 diamond, 3 platinum, 3 gold, 15 silver, 8 bronze

Player levels: They have 2 40+, 12 30-39, 13 20-29, and none below 20. We have 1 40+, 1 30-39, 21 20-29, and 6 below level 20.

Defense team power: They have 1 over 4000, 4 3500-4000, 15 3000-3500, 5 2500-3000, and 1 under 2500. We have nobody over 4000, 1 3500-4000, 2 3000-3500, 13 2500-3000, 8 2000-2500, and 5 under 2000.

What am I supposed to tell the members of my training alliance? How in the name of all that is holy could anyone consider this a fair matchup?



We have a similar mismatch. Would like to know how matchmaking is made, last 5 or so wars have all been blow outs one way or the other. Would like to see more equivalent wars that keep both sides on the edge of their seats.


What a shame after all that noise since months now and nothing improved on matchmaking
Patience is over now
Sorry, we remove all our teams from the current war
I don’t want to face again this Negative Playing Experience, actually the Worst Playing Experience ever

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Just one more data point. My alliance is outscored 131K to 126k. Feels pretty close. We shall see.

@NPKNY that does look rough.

Mismatch is 10k for us. And we don’t talk about discrepancies at the level of team members… war in this case is not enjoyable

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Honestly I don’t see 10K as that big of a mismatch. I’d recommend you give it a shot.

Remember, the test of the effectiveness of each matchmaking method is the results of the war, not the difference in alliance score.

I haven’t complained up until now, or had my alliance pull their defenses. We’ve tried to give the benefit of the doubt, and given our best effort in each war. We actually managed to squeak out a 50ish point victory in our one close match, and everyone loved it. They even enjoyed our one close loss. But nobody likes a blowout on either side. So far, our approximate record is as follows:
2-3 blowout losses
2 solid losses
1 close loss
1 close win
3-4 solid wins
1-2 blowout wins
2 wins by forfeit.

We have only had 4 total wars where we were unable to predict the result before starting. The two close matches, one blowout win where our opponent tried the single 1* hero tactic, and one forfeit. The other forfeit we expected because we were matched with a dead alliance.

I would really like to know the matching metric for these.

NPNKY, as I told Alzar, welcome to our nightmare. We’ve been mis-matched since the update and are also facing an alliance 30k stronger than us. Ironically, they would be a perfect match for your opponent.

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Hopefully the devs will give us some idea of how they figure the matches

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Matches? You just strike them on the side of the box and they go up in flames. Look at all the incendiary posts about them. :wink:

Definitely they need some work on the lower end of the numbers scale. Lets just say that Golden lotus is not in a good position against the Guild of CMOT Dibblers, even if they outnumber me three to one.

Frankly the question for me is how hard dare I hit them without driving them away from the game, or will they take it worse if I don’t hit them as hard as I can? Wars are meant to be fun, not a question of how not to spoil someone else’s day.

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I read that. By that metric, our opponents must only have 5 heroes each to have been matched up with us. Did you look at the comparison I posted above?

I have the strongest defense team in my alliance, and I have exactly 1 maxed 5*. I don’t know if anyone else has any 5* 4/80 at all.

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I’ve read what you posted.
Do you know your and your opponent’s rooster?

I know my alliance’s roster. Most of them are still working on maxing their second set of 3*. The rest are unleveled 3* and about a third are still using some 2* for their 3-6 war flags. We’re a training alliance, mostly F2P.

Based on what I know of our rosters, I can extrapolate to assume that our opponents have significantly less bench depth even than we do, (because their top 5 are so much stronger) and I dont see how that is even possible.

We are well matched. 107k against our 106k.

I’m glad. That would be a fun war. We’re down by 1000 points already, and not even an hour in.

Why can’t there just be separate warpoints to be used for matchmaking? They could be similiar to titan points: loss in war decrease them and winning wars increase them. Sure they would take several wars to start working proberly, but after that they should be much more accurate in matchmaking alliances more equal to each other than current sysrem…

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I posted this yesterday - it covers the biggest issues with war points I can see.

Two points against the banner idea that I remember from the debates:

  1. Too slow - with raiding it works, at least for a given value of works, because there are multiple raids a day, so the sorting is relatively quick.
  2. Movement between alliances. What happens to the scores when a strong player leaves and joins another alliance, or a batch of experienced players break off and form their own new alliance? Which ties back to point 1, the re-sorting from such changes will be slow again…

I’m sure there are other issues that will be pointed out. It’s not a bad idea on the surface, but it wouldn’t really solve anything without faster ranking updates than a twice weekly war would allow.

Please continue any discussion of war matching here: Alliance Wars Matchmaking (Discussion & Developer Response)

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