War matching issues .... continued

@Garawyn @nevamaor Many thanks for the input. Over the past month I have continued to monitor the war scores and defence team compositions for the alliance Guardians Ascending. The pattern established in the previous thread continues. Approximately one third of matches are even and lead to exciting stimulating contests. The other 2/3rds - a distinct majority - are characterised by opponents with war defence teams overwhelmingly stronger than ours, resulting in losses by between 250 and 600 points. To summarise previous conclusions:

  1. We have never had an overwhelmingly weaker opponent. They are either on a par with us or significantly stronger with little in between. In other words this is not a broad bell curve, but a matching skewness/kurtosis.

  2. We consistently have trophy tallies similar to or just below our opponents and frequently have titan scores exceeding theirs. In other words the war wipe-outs cannot be ascribed to poor tile play or team selection. In fact we have a programme of tutorials and defence team reviews in place.

  3. The imbalance is seen by comparing the defence team powers. The suggestion was made that the explanation must therefore lie in the other half of the forces, namely in 30 hero rosters that are bloated with unlevelled 5*. So we did a survey. Most of our players have one or zero 5* heroes, so a bloated hero roster is not the reason.

  4. Another suggestion was that our opponents had been deliberately losing wars so as to created an “easy run”. This is counter-intuitive. Another suggestion was that they might be new alliances. Since most have players with over 100 days membeship, this is also unsubstantiated speculation. And why sould 10 out of 14 opponents deliberately lose?

@Garawyn made the suggestion that the imbalance might have to do with a low numbers of players. Indeed, we usually vary between 26 and 28 players, but at times have been up to 30 for weeks at a time. The latest war data follows.

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