War matching in 2 wars - On 2x Battlefields due to Matchmaking Timer Differences

@Rook is a player too. She doesn’t work for SG. The folks who work for SG will have the tag of “Staff”

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Staff (work for and paid by SG) have different badges than moderators (unpaid volunteers).

I understand that I tend to like SG in print (and that can make me suspect to those who currently dislike them). It’s all good. The criticism is heard by the right people. :wink:


Thank you for the info, & your time, Rook!

I don’t speak for everyone, but personally I do not “like” or “dislike” SG. As a player, I am in a merchant/client relationship with them though. They want us to buy thier products.

When I buy a product, its because I believe it benefits me. I spend $$ on my own entertainment. If I’m not having fun, I spend my $$ somewhere else. I believe most people are similar.

I reported this game bug because I thought SG would want to fix it for the benefit of all players & alliances. When I find out that they apparently deliberately “misunderstand” the issue, or refuse to fix it due to thier own social engineering ideals, I feel disrespected. I do not want to spend gems to buy things from a company that is so rapacious & uncaring. The notices of loot & hero drop nerfing in the updates, combined with the increased “purchase offers” & lack of interest in fixing a VERY SIMPLE issue, discourages me from purchasing. I enough people feel the same way, SG’s profits will suffer. So why not just treat your golden geese (players who buy) with a little respect, & at least PRETEND to be interested in fixing the problem?

This is not ditected at Rook, but at SG, & thier representative “Steve”, due to the following response to this issue:


There. Now everyone knows.

Take Guvnor’s advice, warn all other players, & assume that SG will do nothing about this issue.

While others may feel differently, I personally appreciate having my issues or opinions dismissed as unimportant. It gives me the feedback I need to make more measured activity/purchasing decisions.

I thought everyone should know about SG’s response. The situation being what it is, I will no longer waste time on this issue.

I wish you all a wonderful day, and fun and exciting play! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

*You probably didn’t know, but it’s against Forum Rule #14 to repeat convos with SG, so I removed it.

I appreciate your points however.


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You may call me obstinate… I’m sure others have called me worse… But, I’m not giving up. I too have experienced this game mechanic where a player is shown on 2 battlefields and leaves one alliance with unused flags.

I also felt my initial request for support from SG was misunderstood.

But, I’m going to work it through to it’s conclusion as much as possible and keep attempting to explain why this is an issue to game play and not just misbehavior.

Wish me luck. If you experience the same issue, please also complete a support ticket. Surely, someone will successfully make the point, without threats, anger, or similar less effective tools of negotiation.

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Just a quick update… And bearing in mind the above caution by @Rook

I’m probably at the end of this dialog through support messaging. But at least I feel a smidge more hopeful.

Anyone who experiences or sees issues related to 1 player being on more than 1 battlefield should submit a support ticket, be persistent and clear about the issue, and engage others here in the forum. The more of us stating how it impacts game and alliance war play in a calm and respectful manner, the more likely we’ll be heard… And maybe make a difference.

Maybe it was a standard canned response from SG, but it didn’t read or feel like it to me. I was reassured that staff/devs do read and consider feedback in decisions about future game development.

I hope this one makes the cut soon.

:smiley: :snowflake: :crossed_swords:

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If I may suggest to future ticket senders: include relevant screenshots, and you can also link to this thread to help express your point. :+1:


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Sad to say, I’m disappointed again. And very sorry to be back posting on the very same topic…

Today, my small alliance of 12, comprised of 10 active players and 2 “sleepers” is facing a severe disadvantage in war because of a programming flaw and the decision not to fix it.


  • Our rare titan was days late.
  • The levels of our regular titans increased twice in a span of 4 days, from 6* to 8*.
  • It was clearly beyond our capacity, yet we didn’t want further delay in seeing our rare.
  • So, we asked for help from a friendly alliance who has assisted in the past.


2 of their players came to make hits after their matchmaking was complete.

However, they were caught on our battlefield, as well as the one at their “home” alliance.

That’s 12 unused war flags for us. A huge number for an alliance of this size.

Changing the Focus:

I don’t care if war matching is staggered, or what the reasoning behind that is.

And acknowledge that players should be cautious when “switching” alliances.
They were only passing thru to assist.
And, how would a player even know to check for this issue?

Or that the game status in this specific instance cannot be adjusted before war.
Sort of knew that already.
And it really is beside the point anyway.

The REAL Issues:
There are multiple concerns here…

  1. Why is it even possible for a player to be selected for war matching in more than one alliance?

  2. Are there plans to fix this system flaw to prevent the issue from occurring again?

  3. Is there a more effective mechanism to gain attention? (support ticket, forum “bug” post)

It has real impact on the individual players as well as alliances when this happens.

My alliance is 1 win away from the chest. These 12 flags could make the difference between a win and a loss… And our hard won loot.

The “guilty” individuals felt horrible for leaving flags. This could influence their willingness to help again.

Our alliance is faced with a dilemma on how to conduct war and maintain a positive playing experience for our members.

How do we explain to our members that SG knows this can happen, has known for some time, yet places the blame on players instead of poor design?

My Plea:

I AM frustrated.

But still politely asking that this be reviewed again to see if there is a simple way to mend the system. (Support ticket + post in hopes of staff review)

This kind of thing does impact the way SG customer support and company responsiveness to players is perceived.

Thank you for the opportunity to bring this forward again.

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This glitch is unfortunate, and it is partially because people Merc for the POV Titans more than before. It seemed that SG wanted to discourage Mercing when they changed getting loot when you went to an alliance, yet now many are still doing it for POV. Most larger alliances will still comfortably finish POV and fill their titan chests without wandering about and even passing on some. Until the glitch is resolved, maybe don’t Merc on war matching days?

This “glitch” preexisted POV.

POV is getting far too much credit/blame for issues that are causing problems.

The simple fact is that having the same player matched and on the battlefield for more than one alliance IS and WAS a problem and SG knows it. There are mechanisms in place to prevent players who appear twice from fighting in both wars. It seems it should be just as easy to prevent it from happening in the first place.

People who are in real alliances, with their own Titans and wars, have little control over when they will be available to help friends. (Distinct from mercing for loot from people you don’t know.). This is a SOCIAL aspect of the game more than a transactional one.

@Ice_Saber since you are aware of this defect in the game, perhaps you could take steps to avoid it for your alliance.

War matching generally takes about an hour-ish for all alliances. If you know war matching is going on, be patient and wait for your alliance to get their match before asking for help with your titan. Doing this will ensure that no one will get locked in your alliance matching that is not expected.

Be proactive on this instead of waiting for SG to fix it, as they possibly never will :roll_eyes:

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Great idea!

Because we always determine whether our titan will be kill, rest, or merc based on the war match timer.


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This actually happened to me and a fellow teammate. We went to donate flags-it was more than 5/6 hours after our matchmaking had occurred. While we were hitting the titan, the alliance was matched…with us on the battlefield.
We were not mercing for PoV, just helping out a fellow gamer.
I have heard of this happening to others and can cause an alliance a win. I hope SG can somehow fix this glitch.
I am not a full time merc, but do enjoy visiting friends and new alliances while we are on pass. I don’t do it for the “rewards”. I just enjoy helping others out and meeting new players.


Same experience for me: I left my alliance AFTER the end of matchmaking for 15 minutes to help some friends and have been matched in their war too.

_Moderator edit to remove correspondence with SGG. Note #forum-rules, specifically:

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sorry, i didn’t know this rule!

Briefly: support answered me they looked at my logs and i left my actual alliance during the matchmarking (false, it was finished) and joined the other alliance during their matchmarking (true), so i’m in spectator mode in both wars (false: i can partecipate in one of them).
They finished saying they can do nothing to fix this…

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There’s a problem with wars, that I kindly ask to fix.
As of now player can be assigned to war in several alliances.

It happens when player is being assigned to the war with Alliance A (war score 120K), right after that he goes to Allience B (war score 50K) and waits for the second assignment there.
Some players abuse this schema to close Path of Valor mission faster. Yeap, I don’t see any point in this too, but it’s a fact.

Moreover, many players take such assignment by mistake.
They wait for assignement in the home alliance, then go for e.g. titan hunt, but forget to clear “War participation” check box.

How it can be solved.
Well, your developers would know better :slight_smile:
It may be a checkbox/flag “Assigned to the war” for a player, that’d be set after the first war assignment.
In the second alliance game will check for this flag and assign only those, who have “Assigned to the war” = FALSE.

Hope this post will have your attention. Thanks!

UPD. Here’s the voting in Russian community.
85% wants that player might be able to participate in only 1 war.
It’s about 1000 votes.



IMHO it would be automatically.
If you leave alliance - war flag must unflag.

@Petri @Sara @KiraSG
This topic is discus in russian community fol last 2 days. Hope you don’t ignore this.


Then leaders will have to control war flags.
Which is not good, 'cause I can’t see war flags of alliance’s members.

Though I’d be better, comparing to what we have now.

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