War matching in 2 wars - On 2x Battlefields due to Matchmaking Timer Differences

I’m the ex member lol

So then you’re already counted out and my question is still relative right?

Yep. So your flags there are screwed (I think)
<Edit: guess this isn’t necessarily the case… oops. Just a crappy dilemma to be in… sorry man.>

Now… what about your war chest with space invaders… it’ll be reset since you’re matched in another alliance right? Might as well stay where you are and get a little loot. :woman_shrugging: Just hope your team will accept you back… I’d advise you to bring beer as a peace offering. Lol.

I think you also have to think about your war chest. If you’re close to finishing the war chest at your alliance, you need to put your best team on the field, apologize profusely, go home and NEVER make that mistake again.

Regardless, one of the alliances will get the short end of the stick. I will note that your real alliance seems to have a strategy in place while the smaller one doesn’t. You may lose staying at the smaller one anyway :worried:

U can move in and out after matching is done with no repercussions. Just be there before war starts

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So the bottom line is that SG have put in a way of avoiding this… That is to (when you leave an alliance to Merc) you “uncheck” the “Participate in Wars” button.

End of the day, it sucks yes. But it’s got a solution…

Bear in mind, that mercing isn’t exactly what SGG endorse :stuck_out_tongue: so problems created by doing so aren’t at the top of their list :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably shouldn’t have made a mission to kill 500 titans then :joy::joy::joy:

Eh that mission is meh… Reward vs. effort is so low that you just finish it when it gets finished…

PoV on the other hand is more than achievable without needing to do any mercing… Its 35/52 titans which is just 2/3

I don’t wanna make this a whole debate on mercing good vs evil. I’m just a little peeved that this is happening and there’s nothing I can do to please both parties

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I get that.

As said above, it sucks but the main thing is to learn haha

Lol it’s a bug in the system SG designed whether you agree with it or not

A long time ago people were war locked and couldn’t merc without being locked out of war

Devs changed it and made it to where players could merc between matchmaking and the start of war

And now you’re claiming this bug/situation is the player’s fault for using the system as intended by the devs who designed it specifically to allow players to do what @Duche has done here?

@Guvnor are you kiddin me?

If devs didn’t want players mercing between matchmaking and the start of war, they would have never made the design change to allow players to do so

I don’t think I’ve seen any SG staff tell anyone they should opt out of war when leaving an alliance or else they’ll be involved in 2 wars and have to screw 1 team
Because it’s an unintended bug and not supposed to happen which is why it suddenly started happening recently instead of always happening anytime someone merc’d between matchmaking and war start, if devs wanted players to opt out of war upon departure then the checkbox would be automatically unchecked when entering/leaving an alliance instead of automatically checked


For the record, I never said I wasn’t a bug… Just that there is a method by which you can avoid this issue…

No need to get grumpy / cross with me. Didn’t say what you think I said…

I’m having a problem with calling it a bug. It’s definitely an issue though. A player leaves his alliance and could, by rights, return before the war, without incident.

In this case though, it was unfortunate that the player happened to be in an alliance during the matchmaking. The “system” could have assumed the player simply changed alliances.

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Lol really?

Would that be your response to every other bug in the game?

Guess when the fighter rez bug was goin around, players just should have avoided teams with fighters

When the riposte heroes bug was happening, players should have avoided teams with riposte heroes

Then devs wouldn’t have to fix anything

See how ridiculous that sounds? And yea that’s exactly what you suggested and pointed blame towards those that have been effected by the Bug

“If there’s a bug in the game then players should just not participate in what causes the bug then there is no concern from the devs or the need for effort to fix it”

I like you. But that is by far the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard you suggest

Mate! Ease up!

You’re reading into my post something that isn’t there…

I am not saying if it is or isn’t a bug… I am SIMPLY saying that there is a method that you can use to avoid this happening in the future…

THATS ALL… I have not (and will not) make a comment as to if it is a Bug or Working as Intended… I have not (and will not) lay fault with anyone…

All I did was try to offer some advice for how to avoid it happening… It’s not just for the OP but to anyne who merc’s around war matchmaking time… If you’re part of the Merc Line Groups you would have seen a couple graphics advising people about best practice for mercing during/ around War time… And unchecking the “participate in Wars” button is one of the pieces of advice…

Onto the more practical side of things;

Best option (I can think of) is to make use of the existing “method of avoidance” that I posted above… That being that on leaving an alliance the “participate in war” box is automatically unchecked… This would then avoid Mercs from accidentally being included in matchmaking… Downside is that people would consciously have to opt-in to wars… Not necessarily a bad thing but will undoubtedly result in some QoL complaints…

Another option would be to have some kinda back-ground code which excludes members from matchmaking who are already on a battle-field… Problem with this I see is the high number of computations which would need to be continously running & rerunning… Matchmaking algorithms would need to be done over & over & over again with each new matchup completion in order to check for any “new” people to exclude…

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Perhaps an easier “solution” would be that a player is automatically opted out of war when they leave an alliance. Then they would need to opt back in.

Lol here’s a solution on the practical side of things

The devs can do their damn job

And players can suggest they do so

I know, mind blowing right?

Not our responsibility to dance around existing problems to convenience the developers

If there is a bug, which there 100% most certainly is and i don’t even see how someone could be so naive to think there isn’t, it’s the devs responsibility to address it and fix it.

It’s the players responsibility to Report it

The players have done their part(and no I’m not talking about the part of dancing around it and pretending it doesn’t exist…)

Now it’s the devs turn

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Ok so what do you propose the players do in the interim?

If this is also address at me, I didn’t say there wasn’t a bug… just suggested a way to avoid hurting other alliances if you merc around the matchmaking time period…

It’s happened… can’t change that…
It will happen again/ has happened for other players and the just don’t know it…

Whether it is something that was considered by Devs or not, who knows.
Whether it is something that will be perma-fixed by the devs, who knows.

All I do know is that there is a way to “Dance Around It” until such a time if/when a perma-fix is released…

Wind typically…

Or like in the movie scene’s that time that a super hot guy goes past & I happen to walk over an exhaust grate at the same time… That would also do the trick…

I mean if I wore a skirt that is…

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