War matching in 2 wars - On 2x Battlefields due to Matchmaking Timer Differences

Here is the situation. My alliance was on a pass after a string of titans, so as per usual, I wanted to go for a walk and donate my flags to titans that need some attention. As per usual, I wait until the war match is complete, and take off. After finding an appropriate target, I swoop in and take my hits and wait patiently for loot (I know it’s not much, but valour points and all). Shortly after, I see that I am now involved in their war.

So now I’m in a precarious situation of messing up another alliance, albeit not on purpose, because of some weird matching thing. Should it not be somewhere in the code that if player is in war in alliance A, that they cannot be included in war in alliance B?

Also, sorry to these guys. Maybe there’s something that can be done??


Been an ongoing issue @Petri

It started not long ago so the code u speak of was working up until somewhat recently then somehow this bug has been triggered

I’ve been seeing posts about it regularly but don’t think I’ve seen any acknowledgement from the dev team


Thx for the reply! I almost feel obligated to war with them so at least I don’t mess them up. What’s ur opinion? My current alliance would likely understand the situation


You should use your 6 war flags in this AW. It would not be fair for the new alliance if you leave without using all of your flags, it’s not their fault. And your heroes and troops were part of the matchmaking, after all.

That may feel like betraying your own alliance, but there is no perfect choice here.


Exact same thing happened to couple of guys in my alliance just now. In which war will they be able to fight? Can they choose?


There’s this Involved in two wars
And this Did I get stuck in two wars?


Thank you, so devs have never commented on the issue…


You’re goin to screw someone over no matter what, there is no right choice

Either team should respect your decision and be pissed at devs for not fixing the bug, not the player caught in the bug

I would explain the situation to temp team, drop my line id, and head home but that’s just me


If you were mercing in a smaller alliance, I can see how it could happen that you were caught in the matchmaking.

A full or nearly full alliance always gets matched in the little 15 minute window (24 hours before the war). For me, that would mean the matchmaking started at 11:15 am today.

From experience I know that with smaller alliances, the matchmaking can happen several hours later. You were caught between a rock and a hard place. If you wait for the titan to die, you’re caught in the matchmaking. If you leave before the matchmaking and the death of the titan you lose out on the PoV point for the titan kill.

There is probably a way to look at the timing very carefully, choosing larger alliances, etc but it’s going to be a big job checking everything.

Good luck!


Ugh. That’s a tough one…

Not to sound unsympathetic towards the other team… but they didn’t have to hit the accept button… or they could’ve kept an eye on match making and booted you or at least asked what your intentions were. Although I do see that the invite is set to open, so again, there are easy ways for them to prevent this from happening.

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It’s not really a question of fault pushing tho. It’s simply a terrible programming error to cause some weird moral dilemma… sucks being canadian sometimes :joy: had I been aware of this glitch/bug prior, I’d have not gone mercing at the time I had.


No no… I’m not trying to say it’s anyones fault, necessarily… just that as an alliance lead, there are ways to “protect” (for lack of better words) your team from players, purposely or accidentally, leaving after match making (with no intention of coming back to use flags).

You’re right. It’s a very unfortunate programming error… hope things work out the best that they can.

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At the very least, they are at 24/25 on a war chest, so worst case they’re still getting their chest?? :upside_down_face:


No question you have to honor your flags and stay put.

But I have flags in MY alliance as well. Does that change ur opinion?

What alliance is your home alliance?

Spaced invaders inc.

Oh idk em. Thought maybe you were a competitor so was definitely about to suggest stickin with the lower unkown team hahaha

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next question:
If home team already has an ex member and most likely a loss as is then why bother worryin about goin back?