War Matching Calculation - Way off - TOTAL mismatch

I have an Alliance with 3 players - Alliance name “Open House - Come In!” … we were matched with an Alliance that has 28 players!! Hello. What’s going on with war?

The first assumption must be that the matching works fine, which means that most of the 28 players have opted out of wars.

The proper time to panic is once you see the war field and see 28 opponents facing you.


There are probably 25 people opt out war…


Got it. I spit my tea out (laughing) when I opened up the war section and saw our opponent. Thinking this is going to be a feast … for them.

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They would need well over 25 players on their team to be in “opt out” mode. We’ll see but I think it is unlikely. Unless the entire team is on vacation.

Maybe it’s an alliance of high-school friends who are all off on spring break? :beach_umbrella:


Who says they are all participating?

I’ve been playing for 7 months and this is the first time I ever think about this question

Who says they are all participating?

So when alliances are matched, only the members who have opt in are considered to make a match?

I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen an explanation like that anywhere in the game nor in the forum.

Yes, if you don’t participate in war you are not taken into account in the matchmaking.


Can a player be “opted in” war but not active for X amount of days. Is there a requirement for recent activity? If so, do you know what the time length for inactivity is? I am new to the game…

Hi @Itsmee, and welcome to the forum and the game!

Yes. There is no activity requirement. The only thing that will cause someone to be automatically opted out by default is using zero flags for two wars in a row.


Wow! Thank you … good information.

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You’re very welcome. Good luck in your next war!

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So how is the war going? Just curious😏

Thank you for checking. Amazing! You were right. Only 3 players out of a 28 player alliance are in the war. Is that common?

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Regarding wars, how can 1 player get 288 points from taking out your team. Is this a big. If so it needs to be fixed please. Because this could cost our team the win.

There are about 1500 points per side, divided amongst the teams on the field for that side.

The division is based on the total health of an individual team, divided by the total health of all teams on a side. You can see how much each team is worth by clicking on them, then clicking the info button that appears below them.


I understand that but one team hit me twice and it gave him my total points both times. That would be a bug correct.

Not if they killed you both times. That would be the correct behavior.

It took him two tries to kill my team. So that’s not correct.

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