War matching 29th Sep

When I read the new matching test will be release today, I hope LITTLE BIT improved result. But today’s maching is the worst. Is this fair matching??

My alliance 223922
Trophy score 61941
Titan score 75273
War score 86708

Opponent 249256
Trophy 65848
Titan 78593
War 104825

This is the result. Both spent all flags.

Mine its worst:

My alliance 176123
Trophy 49511
Titan 64962
War 61650

Opponent 200988
Trophy 51184
Titan 69257
War 80547

2 wars ago was even worst

Worse ones this week posted here near the bottom:

You cannot compare the displayed war score. It is the “old one” which is not used for this war matchmaking.

See here: Alliance Wars Matchmaking Improvement Tests (Next Test: September 29, 2020)

If your alliance is matched using the new method, the difference in the war score for the two alliances may be larger than usual. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the match is unfair - it just means that the war score has been calculated differently by the new model.


I am not quite sure what you are trying to say…how can you assume our matches are not unfair? you think that your post is going to change anything? nop…

In my alliance
1 70s
4 60s
8 50s
6 40s
3 >30s
Opponent Alliance

3 70s
16 60s
0 50s
1 40s

Not going to put their cups and heroes which are much much betters than ours…please…just assume that the game is not perfect and that there can be things that need to change. This is one of them.

The worst one… Last time the difference was not even up to 200, this time is over 11k…

I can’t. I am just saying that only because your war score has a lot of difference, it doesn’t need to be an unfair matchup. And I posted the explanation for why this is the case, see above. In short: Your alliance was matched based on a new, invisible score. So comparing the visible war score makes no sense. If this new matching system is better than the current one can only be determined by testing it out and collecting data, which happens right now. :slight_smile:

Let me throw the question back to you: How can you assume your matches are unfair before you even played the war? SG explicitly stated that during this test, war score differences can be larger than usual but that doesn’t necessarily have to mean that the outcome will be bad or worse.

Now, is it going to be a bad matchup? Probably, but who knows. You only find out by trying it.

What’s this supposed to mean? Is it the player level? Player level is an indication, but doesn’t have to say anything about the strength of a player.

I’m not defending anything. I’m just letting you know that there is a reason for this seemingly bad matchup. And that this matchup does not have to be unfair, even tho it looks like an unfair matchup. Reasons explained above.


Ive been playing enough this game to know when a much is unfair and when a war is out of our league by a lot. Maybe you dont know that by now and need more experience. I am not complaining for unfair matches, I am complaining for absurde matches that from the start are lost by 1500 points. I will come back with the result when the war is over. Maybe like that you will understand.

I understand your complaint. As I said, it’s probably gonna be an unfair war. But SG is trying to find a way to make matchmaking better. There is usually only one way to do this: Come up with something that looks good on paper and try it out in the live environment. Collect data, adjust your assumptions based on your findings or stop them because they don’t seem promising.
Will there be unfair matches? Yes, most likely. It’s difficult to get something right from the get go (not impossible tho). Now it’s up to SG to see how much longer they want to experiment and collect data.

You are right, that’s probably it. I apologize. :slight_smile:


I don’t understand why you are lashing out against a fellow player who is trying to help you understand why the war score might not be indicative of a fair matchup just for this week’s war. The explanation was announced by the developers in this thread if you have missed it.


Well now we are taking. I agree with you in many ways, but is not acceptable that 2 out of 3 wars are lost by 1500 points from the beggining. If they are addressing the issue, thats nice because I didnt know that. I have won many unfair fights, I know what you mean. But you can trust me this time. From my side we have also experience really easy fights which we won by 2k, thats also boring. So I will wait patiently for the improvement in the matchmaking then.

You are right. Maybe the ones complaining didnt read that, as me. Sorry for the trouble.


I am here to complain about war matchmaking because sometimes it is very unfair to our players considering we have two victories in a row and see all teams so disproportionate.!

I hope you check if the matchmaking algoritm is all right before come to me with pre-assembled responses.

Thank you for your time!

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I hope you have read this announcement already: :wink:

Also check this existing thread, your alliance is not the only one experiencing a bad war match:


Could well be that someone opted in for next war on their side after matchmaking was done? The war score gap is in that range :thinking: don’t give up early, we had mismatches by player levels many times, even new formed alliances (manipulating war score or done it for valor to think positive :wink:). Won 4 in a row now and have 1,5 war score gap against a 10-30 day old much higher leveled alliance tomorrow, we take the challenge :blush:
3…2…1… @Guvnor closing thread for being a repeat :rofl:

I’m no calculus teacher but we are outmatched for second war in a row. They have far stronger defense teams.

They have 2 teams under 4K we have 10. I get that isn’t the whole picture but Guessing it will be another landslide loss. At least we get POV for the effort. Guessing we are in the test group.

Maybe test alliances should get some type of small compensation for being part of a test we didn’t sign up for and were not notified about in game?

Same problem for my alliance : it’s not the first Times but today it’s very difficult.

Their team : 4631, 4389, 4436, 4349, 4426, 4486, 4630, 4247, 4641, 4393.
Our team : 3651, 4287, 4067, 4178, 3403, 4271, 4000, 4576.

We have no chance to win and it’s very difficult to stay motivated.

I hope that the next war will be better.

Our side. 20 flags left —> 4151 points
Their side. 13 flags left —> 6641 points

This is soooooo fun xD as I said, it wasnt to hard to know in advance that we where going to be raped.

Well, the results are in. There was a 23000 difference in the war scores for our war, their defense teams were significantly stronger than ours were, and the scores played out exactly as we expected - they creamed us.

We have 4769 with 10 flags remaining and they have 6072 with 8 remaining. It wasnt even close. Out of the top 10 war scores, they have position 1-8 and 10.

And no, we didn’t just get out-played. The deck was significantly stacked in their favor by the new matchmaking algorithm. Our wars are typically within a couple hundred points.

So from our alliance’s perspective, the new matchmaking algorithm is much, MUCH worse than the old one. I hope we arent a Guinea pig / test case for the next war too because this has demoralized our membership significantly.

That sucks.

But, you should reinforce with your alliance members that it is a temporary imbalance and it will be fixed in due course.
Don’t be disheartened, move above it and take this opportunity to experiment your attack teams with a ‘live’ opponent.

It’s just a couple wars. Hope your next one is fair game.

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