War match ups are broken

It never fails. War match ups are not fair and I’m getting sick of it. I’m tried of fighting over powered teams. How is a fight with 4 players under 3500 defense against a team with 2 players over 4000 even close? What are you doing SG? Why can’t you get this right? How it possible to get matched against tougher opponents when you lose? It’s bad enough that it takes 3 weeks to open a war (if you win all wars) but evening longer if you don’t win, just to be rewarded with nothing. There needs to some type of agreement between the two teams after match up. I rather decline then fight a war I know I’m going to lose. Please fix this SG.

This is my alliance war record:

# Result
1 W
2 W
3 W
4 W
5 L
6 W
7 W
8 W
9 W
10 W
11 L
12 W
13 L
14 W
15 L
16 L
17 L
18 L
19 L
20 L
21 L
22 L
23 L
24 W
25 W
26 W
27 L
28 W
29 L
30 W
31 W
32 L
33 L
34 W
35 L
36 L
37 W
38 L
39 W
40 W
41 L
42 W
43 W
44 W
45 L
46 L
47 L
48 W
49 W
50 W

Look at 15th to 23rd… that what happens after accumulating many wins… you are starting to get matched against far stronger opponents…


But we haven’t been winning, and still fighting opponents stronger than us

I complain about this too, our opponent last weekend FAR outmatched us, and beat us without even having to try; however, our opponent yesterday had stronger overall defenses and we still managed to beat them. Our opponent a week ago far outmatched us and we barely managed to beat them by 35 points. Yes, the reason my alliance is fighting stronger opponents is because we keep beating stronger opponents. They might be stronger number wise, but usually they don’t use all of their flags, or when they do use their flags, they don’t use them wisely (their big teams take out our small teams, then their small teams try in vain to take out our big teams).

I haven’t kept as extensive a record as @yelnats_24 , but in our last 15 wars:

1 L
2 W
3 W
4 W
5 W
6 W
7 L
8 W
9 W
10 W
11 W
12 L
13 W
14 L
15 W

You’re going in with the assumption that you’re going to lose, because the other team is stronger. That was my assumption too in most of our wars. But guess what? Most of our opponents proved that they aren’t as strong in reality as they are on “paper” (team score).

So your highest team is 3500 and your opponent has 5 teams above 3500. You assume you’re going to lose. Don’t ever assume. MOST of my alliance’s opponents had higher defensive teams than ours. But by the time they got down to their 4th and 5th and 6th flags, they were only scoring 1 or 2 points against our weakest teams, and we could tell that they put ALL of their resources into their main teams and next to nothing into their backups. We beat them even though we didn’t think we could. NEVER judge a team by their cover. Their 4000 defense might only have the one team, and they might not even log on to use it.

When you say you haven’t been winning, how many times have you lost in a row? Are your members all using their flags? Are you using flags wisely? If you keep losing, your score should drop to a point that your opponents should be getting easier. Don’t just assume that because they have higher TPs that they’re going to be a harder team, because that isn’t always the case. Some of the easiest teams I’ve fought were teams that had high level defenses, but left many flags unused. They hit a few times, score big numbers, then log off. One trick ponies. Those teams are easy to beat if your team uses a bit of strategy.


Let us know if your alliance would like better tips to win.

User Error combined with RNG is responsible for more War losses than the matchmaking.

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RNG can definitely throw a monkey wrench in your operation, but if all of your members have 6 solid teams, you go into the battle assuming that at least 1-2 flags will be “throwaways” due to bad boards. That’s why they give you 6. I have pretty bad luck, but I usually get at least 1 decent board out of 6. :smile:

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I know that. You know that. But RNG was to soften the blow that it’s almost certainly user error.

Yes, but it is a great excuse. :grin: I use it anytime I get a bad score. (that or, “I got a phone call”, “my phone died”, etc., though sometimes those things actually do happen to me)

If it is in fact user error, the team in question should be facing lower level teams. Every time my alliance beats a higher level team, most oftentimes because one or more of their members made doodoo in their nappies, my first thought is HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :rofl:


But then my second thought is, awww, sawwy, :worried: maybe next time you should be matched against a team that more accurately matches your teams’ actual ability.

If the OP is losing multiple wars in a row, their team has some deficiencies, whether it be in strategy, communication, dedication, teamwork, etc. If they are not able to fix these problems internally, it’s only fair that they be matched against equally deficient teams. I believe that the decrease in war score after a loss is supposed to compensate for this.

Perhaps the OP is just having really bad luck in being matched up against teams that (A) lost their previous war due to reasons, but have since resolved those reasons, or (B) started off lower, but are well organized and have been on a winning streak and just happened to catch up to their level. Otherwise, after X many losses in a row, they should eventually end up with an even match.*

    • also, hopefully their team is continuously improving their rosters, otherwise they’re only going to continue dropping in score against other growing teams

With that so many win surplus… I would be surprised if the opponents is not stronger…


Our opponents get stronger after every win, yes. But oftentimes even the stronger opponents make mistakes. We just do our best and hope that our opponents make a mistake. When we do lose, we drop down in level, and our next opponent is lower.

Don’t ever give up just because an opponent is stronger than you! My alliance has faced many strong opponents with powerful defense teams. I am not ashamed to admit that sometimes we have used more than 10 flags to take out 1 opponent. This is when most teams would surrender, but we don’t. We keep hitting them even when the odds are stacked against us, even when we know we’re going to lose anyway.

I’m not going to tell you that you can win every war, because that would be a lie. Probably every alliance is going to face a loss eventually. Some teams are just going to overpower you and there will be nothing you can do about it, and I’m not going to pretend that it’s fair, because it’s not. But if your whole team fights with all you’ve got, and you fight smart, use all of your flags, level up your backup teams, you definitely can beat opponents that seem to be stronger than yours.

I personally can’t remember a single war where my alliance’s average team was stronger than our opponent’s average team. My guess is because most of the lower level teams have lost so many wars that they would never be matched against my team. Though if I and a few of my teammates were to all go on a 6 month vacation together, by the time we got back, our war score would probably drop to about 10,000, and we would win every war for the next 3-4 weeks.

If you think that my alliance must be fighting “easy” teams and that’s why we’re winning, give me a few minutes to post some stats on our last war…


My alliance’s last war:

My “alliance” score - 35573
Opponent “alliance” score - 49576

Estimated war scores before the war: roughly 101,000 each
After the war:
Us - 103304
Them - 88956 (ouch)

Player levels:
Our team - 33, 31, 26, 24, 24, 23, 23, 22, 21, 21, 20
Their team - 36, 33, 32, 31, 31, 27, 26, 24, 23, 21, 14

Defense teams:
Our team:

Their team:

Ending war score:
Us - 2888
Them - 2717

Yes, they had 2 very low teams that we knocked out easily. But they had six teams above 3k whereas we only had three above 3k. And their top three teams were higher level than our highest team. Yet we beat them by 171 points.

EDIT: oh, I’m sorry, their FOUR top teams were higher than our highest team. Missed a minor detail there.

Sorry for not providing screen caps as proof, I can probably figure out how to get those if anyone doesn’t believe me. And no I won’t be naming or shaming our opponent, they put up a good fight, my intention in this post is not to prove that our opponent “sucked”, my only intent was to show that it’s possible to beat a team that looks like they are probably going to beat yours. We didn’t expect to win. For us it was an unexpected surprise. :grin:


Yeah, but, like, come on.

I know, I know, they had a level 14. We were totally picking on them. :joy:

I’m sorry guize!

I understand were you’re coming from but I know my team and they don’t have a strong attack. I have to carry all the weight unfortunately.

I’m sorry, I understand, I’ve been in that situation. Are they at least trying to improve their teams? Unfortunately, if you don’t have a well coordinated and dedicated alliance, you aren’t going to win many wars. :slightly_frowning_face:

They have improved their defense teams I’ll give them that, but attacks are still weak. Doesn’t matter now tho, after this pass war I decided to opt the team out until everyone got stronger and they left lol

Twenty find a new alliances?

Sorry to hear that man. :slightly_frowning_face:

Main teams should definitely be the primary focus for new players, but eventually they should start leveling backup heroes. Even if they’re just 2*. Once they get up to TC13 they should be training and keeping 3* for war teams. My advice is to keep at least 6 of each color, the highest level heroes of each color; get rid of the 2* once you have leveled 3* to replace them with, then work on 4* and maybe eventually hopefully get 5* - though for most F2P and C2P players, 4* are going to make up most of your primary war teams (keep the 3* in the meantime, it’s safe to ditch the 2* once you have enough 3*).

As long as your teammates are playing daily and investing in upgrading their base (farms, mines, SH, TCs mainly, as well as houses and storages as needed), pump recruits into the TCs constantly (TC11 slow training is a great way to maximize resources with minimal time invested), their 3* heroes should reach 3/50 rather quickly; after that they should be focusing the rest of their resources on their backup teams (unless they have 4* and 5* heroes, in which case, good luck, those are gonna take a while)… my alliance’s lowest member (level 20) already has almost 3 full teams of 3/50s (and a handful of backup 2* and 3* heroes as well).

I guess I might be a bit more strict than some alliance leaders, because I started in a training alliance that was very strict (they kicked you out if you missed a titan or didn’t use all 6 war flags without a valid excuse). They were the ones who taught me the ropes, and as a result, that’s the way I now teach my recruits. Every alliance member who participates in wars should have at least 30 heroes and use EVERY SINGLE FLAG in EVERY WAR, PERIOD. Exceptions of course if someone is not able to log on for some reason (work, illness, no internet, death in the family, etc.), but otherwise - if you have time to post selfies and pictures of your avocado toast on your social media page, you probably have time to hit the titan and use a few war flags. :grin:

I wish you luck in growing a stronger alliance in the future. :wink:

that is why you lose wars - you give up. I wonder how much war energy your alliance has left at the end? half? third?

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