War match up

Yet again matched up with a team 20k higher. Don’t see how you have addressed this issue frm alit of complaints about it over the last few month. Most the updates have made war and raids harder

I think the game developers need to take a good look at their obsession with trophies!! Its a game killer that they’re obviously not putting any effort into fixing!!! Big teams drop all their trophies before an alliance war to get pitted against smaller teams, NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!! Raids are ridiculous and again people put one man 1* star teams to drop trophies for war. Also just because someone with a 1200 team power had 1700 trophies doesnt mean they should be fighting 4000 power teams!! Its stupid and makes the game really frustrating and lame! On the flip side a 4000 power team with 1000 trophies shouldn’t be a 15/48 win lose ratio because again stupid!! These issues need to be fixed , theres a lot of people dropping from the game due to this and its sucking the fun from the game!! The next team we are at war against did the trophy drop and they shouldn’t be allowed to win wars like that, unless you just want a joke of a game that will fail in short time!! Other than that ,and as someone else said the lack of ascension materials, the game could have a ton of potential with it’s great characters and overall gaming idea. Tha k you for your time … PLEASE FIX THESE THINGS!!

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Trophies have not been used for matchmaking wars for a very, very long time.


what is your alliance’s war score and what your opponent’s war score is?

For up coming war, we have 5 members of 3k, they have 12, and I dnt see how on earth we can be matched,

Dnt see how war scores are this close

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