War Manipulation?

Was just checking out our opponents in the upcoming war. They have a team score of 95451 and a war scpore of 250219. We are 86316 and 241348. Then I notice that they have a co-leader that joined 46 days ago and the rest of the team including their leader have joined in the last 13 days or less, some within hours. Is this a way of manipulating war draw? Just seems strange to me.

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I don’t think so, this has been discussed before. What little manipulation that might be happening wouldn’t cause a big impact and would take a a lot of effort on the part of the alliance.

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I think the thread that discussed this the most was: Alliance wars - matching manipulation

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And of course the classic: Alliance Wars Matchmaking (Discussion & Developer Response) MASTER

Pretty sure every version of this has been covered before…please continue reading and discussion in one of the linked threads.