War Management alliance option



Please give permission to remove a player from participating in a war to the guild master. We have a couple players taking breaks or on vacation and can not participate in wars. Unfortunately, they have not opted out of the upcoming wars and leaves the alliance with easy targets. Only other option is to completely remove them from the guild and some issues that’s not the best option


I am co-leader of an alliance and we have a problem Houston…

We can’t, the leader and me, decide individually who participate or not in wars.

I warned an elder in the chat alliance about his team on the field and about his contribution per war for some time now. So on, 1 hit per war, so he is always on the field and cost us some points without battling.

If people use all or at least 3 flags, loose or win, I don’t care, we do as we can with irl time and with our heroes, no problem.

Before the war chest, loot war was always crappy and still is for me, so I wasn’t complaining for participation and respect.
But now with the war chest, all people have a better chance to get a good loot and it will be a good thing to let the leaders and Co-leaders have an option to opt out some people individually because they are not respecting some basics rules.

We are leaders but don’t have a lot of power in this case finally.
I know, I could just kick him of the team but I always try to teach before…