WAR*MACHINE is looking for 3 members!

Are you looking for your forever-alliance? Look no further, WAR*MACHINE is the alliance for you!

Come join our alliance if you want to take down 7* - 8* titans! We have an 8* currently and could use some help. Have spots open for 3 members.

-1000 trophies (although our Score is currently 95407)
-MUST attack Titans! We don’t care if you score low, as long as you try!! Don’t be embarrassed, all questions are welcomed! We are all trying to get better, so don’t be afraid to ask us how you can improve your score.
-MUST USE ALL 6 FLAGS IN WAR. Even if you only have 1* junk in the end, please do use them to weaken other teams so the clean up crew can, well, CLEAN UP!
EXCEPTION YOU CAN OPT OUT FOR WAR, that is fine by us. But please, pleaseeeee do not opt in and not participate. We will lose points when your team gets taken down by the opponent and won’t have a chance to recover those points if YOU don’t use your flags!


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