War lost unfairly

Hello everyone! I have a question concerning the war. When the last war ended, a player of the opposing Alliance was in combat. The time was already up and we actually won, but then after “processing” it turned out that we lost and that the fight, which was already out of time, was counted anyway. We think it is not right. Or what do you mean?

If the individual battle already started, it doesn’t matter how long it goes. We’ve had a similar situation and wasn’t sure what would happen. It seems consistent.

I think it’s unfair! what is the time for that?

As long as you start the battle before the war ends it will count. It’s fair.

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I think it is fair. This sort of rule is fairly common in the sports world.

In basketball, as long as the shot was taken before the buzzer, the basket counts.
In american football, as long as the ball is snapped before the clock hits zero, the play is live.
Then there’s the clock management in international football (soccer). Lol.

On the counterpoint, there is hockey where the puck has to enter the net before the time runs out. As long as you know what the rules are and they are objective, I fail to see how it is unfair.


Ok! Thank you for your opinion!

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I had sort of a similar problem a while ago. My team and the opponent’s obliterated each other during a raid to the point that no hero was alive, friend or foe, at the end of the battle. I expected some kind of a draw, but I got an unexpected “defeat” screen… I guess S.G. considered the defenders won, even if they were all dead by the end of the battle. I still think it is a stupid rule, but that’s it! Life goes on! Somebody told me to go ahead and win the next raid, so I did. So go ahead and win the next war!

Honestly the best way to avoind that situation is not let it get to that point. I know easier said then done but really if it was that close it could have went either way. In situations like this I see it more as a had court shot at the buzzer. Yea the game clock is actually over but it still counts as it was thrown before the game was actually over.

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