War lost because someone was suspended

Dears, I would like to inform you that I see a mistake when someone is suspended. It happened with a member of my alliance. His account was suspended just when the war started. Then he couldn’t enter to play, and his team was in the battlefield. So he couldn’t do his 6 shots. And “We lost the war”. Look at the picture how close we were to win it. I don’t think that you penalize him by any reason, and you leave his team on the field, and we suffer the consequences.
I suggest in the further to take that in consideration and in some way to delete the team of a suspended player from the battlefield.
Let’s keep in touch and thanks

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Someone getting suspended doesn’t seem to be a “bug”… seems like you just had bad luck with one of your alliance members. :slight_smile:


The bug is that his team stayed in the field. The SG can find a way of delete it, as it was at the beginning of the wars. It not a bad luck , it is a logical thing. He could not play, and if we’re taken him out is the same, and it was not our fault …

You know your suspended member or you should.

If his suspension was for a valid reason, then nows a good time to part ways.

Idk and not judging.


How and why does one get suspended?

I didn’t suspend him. The SG did it. I don’t question that. I think SG has some reason to do it. I talk about that his team on the battlefield, just that

Perhaps we should make a request so that the system will automatically remove suspended players from battlefield?


That is what I mean… thanks for understand me :smile:

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I’m sorry but I disagree. If you have questionable behavior from your members that would warrant getting suspended by SGG, the punishment seems harsh but imho sends a message to prevent people from such behavior or actions.

Usually in chat you can get a sense of someone’s character, some things shouldn’t be tolerated. Should have been some red flags so do you keep that player? I certainly wouldn’t.


I agree with @l2ider. Don’t get yourself suspended, and this isn’t a problem. Players who leave alliances during war still have their team on the battlefield. Makes sense that suspended players’ team would still be on the battlefield as well.


I disagree with you. First he got a message after the war started. Then we didn’t see any red flag on him.
And the suspension was for suspicious activity and it was some hours later. And today he got a message from SG given more details. What we could do it? Just regret… it his problem not our, but we were affected. Not nice

True, but it obviously happened after the matchmaking so removing his team would throw the matchmaking out of whack. That is the reason why players who leave an alliance during matchmaking are not removed but marked as [Ex-member]. Removing him from the field would penalize the other alliance as they would have less points to shoot for. Since the offender was in your alliance is it then more fair to penalize the other alliance?


It seem to be right. But just in this case, the SG should suspend any player when there are not war, just waiting a day. And any alliance cannot be penaliced. Or not?

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That would most definitely have been better all around. Or before the matchmaking occurred.

Unfortunately, this ended up a lose-lose situation. I am sorry it happened to you.


Unless that player remove at least one of defending heroes from his/her base before leaving the alliance. In which case, the base would be removed from battlefield due to incomplete defense.

But it is actually make it easier for the opponent to reset our base.


I would guess it depends on how the points are divided up. If the points of the removed team are redistributed to the rest of the team then yes. If they’re not and just removed along with the team then the opponent gets less points for rolling you. I’d have to give it more thought on where the advantage actually lies.

To remove a defending hero don’t you need to remove it from your roster once team is set?

Yes it is redistributed.



That sucks

see also

(War jumpers)


That was one person who misbehaved. Other members aren’t responsible for action of that person. Punishing people for something they didn’t do and couldn’t prevent is a terrible idea.

Aside from that, removing that player from battlefield would change nothing. Your opponent would still have 6 flags more to use.


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