War loot win/loss - percentages of ascension mat drop rate

Hello everyone.

So I checked on this forum and found no reliable source which depicts info on the % chance of getting an ascension mat from the War loot.

Not War Chest loot - exactly War Loot. After each war.

It would be nice to have something like that so that players know what exactly they can get from a war they won or a war they lost. Also if they should aim for a higher score within their alliance so that they have a better chance of an unfarmable 3* or 4* mat.

If you like, we could start assembling some info over some more lengthy period of time (say, 2 or 3 months of war) and then post it here.

I suggest it could be something like that:

  1. War status - loss or win
  2. Ranking within your own alliance during that war
  3. Loot focusing only on the ascension mat (s)

Once again, please, I would be glad if you restrain from posting your War Chest results because that will cause a mix-up with the statistic.

However if there is already such a statistic, I would be glad if someone point me to it since I was unable to find it.

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