War Loot is horrible. Why should we even bother fighting?

our alliance is 12-1 in the wars. I was best player for my team and I got garbage… Someone please explain to me why we should even bother fighting these???


I’ve been wondering the same thing for awhile now…come in devs, give us an opt out option!!!


AsI dislike raiding I dislike wars. Never expected the loot to be any good. Most important, I am not going out of my way to have 6 teams, either by summoning or buying stuff to ascend heroes in a hurry. As we are not given the option of not fighting, I try to bear it as eating the brussels sprout off my plate, do it quickly and forget about it.


To me, war loot is on par with titans and regular chests: garbage. At the end of the day though, we still do those things :relieved:


I agree the loot is lacking. I enjoy the wars due to the variety and the challenge, not as a means to get ascension items. In our alliance it increases interaction amongst the members in a positive way


This. Shitty as hell loot, but the challenge itself make our alliance members to be more united than ever.


Because it is fun as sh…nikeys! Our alliance actually works together, teams up, offers advice and encouragement. We were overmatched a couple wars ago, but managed to take a 300 point lead in the second half. We lost, but man was that fun!

The awards are nice bonuses (we actually had someone get a hidden blade this last war), but it is really the first element of the game where you work as an alliance. Titans are great, but everyone just hits. No need to strategize.

We also now now have a line group for our adversaries to join and talk smack if they want.


I’ve got a Hidden blade last weekend an sturdy shield today from AW loot. I don’t think it is somehow worse than any other loot or a wanted chest.


I love it when war rolls around because my team will be a little bit stronger than the last one and I will be facing different people. Working with my alliance members to gang up on a strong team with a bunch of weak heroes is also hilarious. Occasionally you get nonfarmable ascension items as well and you don’t lose anything. It’s all Win-Win to me.


We win we lose, doesn’t matter. We get together, talk smack, set-up to double-team the guys too hard to crack…War is just fun all around. :grin:

I honestly didn’t even check my loot this time. (I know I’ve had at least one or two ascension items out of ten+ wars.)


I get the team spirit part of it, I just think that for the time and energy we should be getting more for our trouble than what we get.

Because you enjoy it…

Otherwise… yes. Please stop. God. Stop.

I can’t wait until they add in cross alliance chatting so I can talk smack against the baddies!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: available NOW Rook says?! … :o !!


We have it now!

If you have Line, definitely join us when facing Misfit Toys!

My Line ID is chibipotato16 :grin:


Nice, your alliance has 63k titan score and ours about 61k. Maybe someday they allign, we also enjoy talking and joking around

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ah right, forgot the whole point of this game was to bring teams together… not pay to win and get loot…

It’s a potential to get good loot. I actually got a Damascus blade from war. It’s kinda like the titan, yeah you get crap loot but there’s always a chance to get the good stuff.


Why bother fighting?

_To crush your enemies. See them driven before you. And to hear the lamentations of their women. _

Come on, if AW doesn’t instill at least a bit of Conan in you, then why are you even playing this game? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


I have yet to understand if every part has his separate random loot count (Titans his own RNG, war, raid chest and so on…) or all the generated loot for each stuff is cumulative to a single giant RNG.
It would be cool to understand it, this way every loot we get (and so war too) makes much more sense.

This way, even if war still give you bad loot, it “increase” the chance for all the other loots.

As Bayes would tell, if they are independent events (in this case rolls), it doesn’t increase the oher loots. It may even decrease if the devs think “well, as they have another source of loot, we can drop the odds on the current ones a little bit”.

So, being an aditional source of loot it can increase your “income”, at the cost of extra time and effort.

My personal experience is that the rewards are really low - the most notable thing I rememeber dropping was a gem or so :smiley:

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