War Loot, increases with winning streaks?

Not here to brag, our Alliance has won 5 wars in a row. 3 of those were gifted to us by one alliance trying the single one star defence teams and the another two by alliances trying the ‘Fabian’ tactic of mixing full teams and single heroes defence teams, but that is bye the bye…
The point is, the loot for winning the first three wars was the usual (poor) fare.
The forth win saw our members getting some one star trainer heroes and bomb attacks in the loot.
The fifth win in a row saw the war loot containing 2 star trainer heroes, tall boots and orbs of magic.
All the members of my alliance got some much better ascension materials in the 5 in a row war loot.
Does anyone know if this escalation of loot by winning a streak of 5 wars is advertised and is it part of the games loot table?
Or did we just get a lucky drop the last 2 times and the RNG is just being kind to us today?

I’ve been in AW since the first battle and I have two accounts. One was in an alliance that did not join in on AW until the second battle. The first Account was in an alliance that had a spotty record in AW with wins and losses. The second was in an alliance that never lost a single match. The rewards were similar and I am fairly certain that both accounts were top hitters for their team, if not for the match on all but two Wars.

I’d have to say that you’ve just been lucky. I have received better loot on a losing side than I have on a winning side in the past being that I got an ascension item.

Good luck with your win streak and have fun with AW. I hope you find an opponent that challenges your team hard. Those are the best battles.


Thanks Otto.
I think you are right, challenging wars are much more fun that wars against silly ill thought out defence teams.
We beat the single 1* defence Alliance by 39,900 points, but it was not fun or challenging, we were just queuing up to attack and causing respawn after respawn of the defending team.
It was dull, but i do still like the screen shot of the final score

I don’t think it matters. We are 8 wins zero losses and all I’ve got is a compass from one of those (the 7th win) and those are pretty uselss to me now, as I have zero gloves.

I have 6 gloves and no compasses @Mr_Daniel_Duck. It is almost like the RNG does is on purpose, if we could swap, i would.


Lets not swap as it wont get any better if we do - lets just exchange 3 gloves for 3 compasses and call it a day :smiley: But yeah, at this point RNG feel like it’s done on purpose :smiley:


We’ve won 5, lost 2. On the third win, I got a magic orb, but the rest are the usual loot. I think the war loot is governed by RNG, like everything else. :slight_smile: