War lineups

Just an idea to think about, can wars be shaken up a bit? Let’s have 3* wars, 4* wars, 5* wars? Just something different? You have it in tournaments and challenges so why not wars?

The prevailing reason for this is few players have 30 fully levelled 3 and 4 star heroes. This could work if you were required to have at least 1 or 2, heroes in your lineup that were 3 or 4 star heroes. Depth is the only issue here and we don’t want lower level teams forced out of war.



They’d better start working on it then, don’t they? :wink:

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Summonspalooza! Better get some cash in that stocking this year!

I posted this same idea a while back. My idea was for the 3 and 4s wars to be more like “mini wars” with fewer flags and therefore fewer heroes used. It would be a good way to actually use all the 3 and 4s on rosters that would otherwise not see the light of day. They keep putting out a lot of new 3s, a lot of which are actually pretty cool, and the Challenge Festival showed that they obviously want us to have those 3s as they put out 5 new ones(I think) and with very limited pulls I ended up with 4 of them. I think it could change the dynamic of the game a little, especially with how cheap emblems and limit breakers are for 3s and 4s, and everyone but the whales(not derogatory) in the game starting to grow weary of trying to chase after all the new and increasingly overpowered 5*s that keep getting dangled in front of us but out of reach, like the ever elusive proverbial carrot on a stick. I mean, I know people are getting them, sometimes not with that many pulls, but man, they have been pumping out a LOT of heroes.

BTW, I’m not complaining. I’ve been fortunate to get some really good heroes. I’ve just decided that attempting to try to keep up with all the new ones is futility and unnecessary for me at this point.

So, finishing up back ON TOPIC (sorry), I would welcome an opportunity to utilize some of the heroes that I leveled up ‘just because’, or the incentive to work on others that look good but I just don’t need right now. And, it would make it less disappointing to 'only end up with one of the new 3s’ in a summons. On that note, in the Challenge Festival, as I decided to stop chasing, Treevil was actually the hero I was most hoping for and I happily got him. He’s already fully maxed, emblemed, and limit broken and a beast in the 3 rush tourney. May even try him out for a spin on the next yellow titan.

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