War Leagues

War strategy works, but it makes things quite monotonous.
Facing the same tank colors war after war is part of the game but it dosn’t have to.

I suggest we introduce a voluntary rainbow league in alliance wars.
Leaders or co leads can tick a box for the alliance to sign up in this league
The trick is that only 25% of the alliance can set up the same tank color, this way lower and mid tier players can find more targets to one-shot and since it will be the same for both teams there isn’t an obvious advantage.

I’ve been a little puzzled about the scoring of these wars, as i know all top 100 alliances are working hard for their place, and i dont want to meddle with this balance, forcing them to have to choose between normal league or rainbow.
So maybe a built in lower score in rainbow league?
Whats your thought on this part?

Would it be fun to add other leagues?

Maybe mono team league?
Or some of the tournament hero rules in war as well?

Like the above the main idea would always be that these “play” leagues were voluntary so no alliance was forced into a lineup they coudn’t see from the start that they didn’t have :slight_smile: :heart:

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