War leader joined after preparation phase started

The preparation phase last 24 hours. Right now there is 14 hours left. The team leader we are doing war with joined that team 5 hours ago. How can he do war?

He wont be able to join the war, he will be on spec mode

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But we have 30 players so I assume they will play all 30 too. Can they join war leave and then come back?

Are all 30 of your alliance joining the war?
Sometimes there are 1 or 2 difference in the total participant
Also there was a bug a time ago that some alliances had 31 members during war, if thats the case raise a ticket as soon as you see it

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Alliance members who were present for the matchmaking initially can leave and return to the alliance, and still participate in the War.

(That’s my understanding of the current system, at least, after the changes a while ago.)


You’re right, it happens very often in our alliance. If we’re letting our titan go, we do mercing between matchmaking and war start.

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