War Kills Counting Towards Wanted Chests


Why don’t war kills count towards Wanted chests for killing the other side’s heroes? I mean, I killed them. They even had war boosts on their side, making it an arguably harder kill.

I think heroes killed in war should count toward your Wanted chest kill count for heroes.


I agree. Its already difficult to kill in raids anyway with all the new hero’s coming out monthly…why not let it count toward wanted hero chest its not like its cups we are asking for just makes it easier to fill hero chest.


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Why? You are already getting a loot from the war and the new war chest is added too.
And yeah, we need to raid more times to fill our hero chest as we can’t expect to win all our raids.

If you find it difficult to kill the enemy heroes, then spend some time reading about them and what your own team/heroes can counter with, for example dispelling, healing and so on. And also remember that the order that you are firing of your heroes also has a big effect on the end result of your attack.
For example:
Boldtusk - Gormek - Marjana = high damage
Marjana - Gormek - Boldtusk = low damage


Its not that I find it harder to kill hero’s its my work schedule that comes into play…I find it difficult sometimes to fill the hero chest a lot because of working…I like things the way they are I just thought it would be a good idea. That’s all but for discussion sake let’s say the devs do make the hero’s killed in war count toward the hero chest…it frees up time for farming the different levels or getting new hero’s leveled or saving raid flasks for no particular reason other than hoarding them…I already know about color stacking to beat difficult cup holders I’m a cup dropper simply because I find it easier to do the revenges than to fight the upper echelons just yet…my hero’s aren’t fully leveled yet but will be oh say in the next couple of years the way the loot scheme works because like I said I work a lot so don’t find the time like I did when I was unemployed…anyway thank you for responding…