War just begin... Already bugs!

Dear developers

Please fix the issue as it’s unfair to waste our attacks and heroes to get 0 points because of the same bug!

And since when 3 heroes are allow to participate at war? I thought we must have 5 heroes.


Here is my other Alliance issue…

Any explanation for these bugs happening right now? Too many online players perhaps?

I have this issue too.
Developers, please fix it!

My alliance has the same issue, wasted my best heroes and got a score of 0 because game froze

I and my alliance having same issue with glitches

Our alliance also had this issue.

They are fixing it. Please ask your team members stop attacking

Bei uns gibt es auch dieses Problem :frowning:

Please fix the problem instead of blocking the opponent by previous opponent.

I have one teammate that this happened to 10 minutes ago (3:45pm ET). Was not awarded any points for a win or next battle.

Alliance is UK Knights and username is Dar4nim. On my second attack nothing happened. My heroes did not engage but I was able to keep texting on the chat group. How? The battlefield froze for 5 mins and then kicked me. Like I say, I had connection as I was able to chat with my alliance colleagues whilst this was ongoing. Best team got 0 points due to this. Please respond. Thanks

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We have the same problem. I won the battle and got 0 point ( the same issue for at least 3 members)

Happenning to our alliance too… Thats very annoying and unfair.

EDIT: it seems that the war has been suddently cancelled

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We can’t see the battle field any more. Has the war been cancelled?

Gift us a full war chest and we call it even SGG @Petri


No idea what was happening to this war… We have been waiting 24 hours for this… Some explanation please?

Couldn’t agree more !!! Everyone win !!! Compensation of 5 points is enough…


Seeing teams with missing heros too

The war has suddenly reverted to Preparation Phase for some reason. This is a known bug. Players are reporting here:

War has reverted to 'Preparation phase' 27/10/18 *MASTER THREAD*

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I’m having the same issue. The war reset to preparation phase

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