War Jumpers should have consequences

We had a war jumper during the weekend war. The player (ehab) joined us shortly before matchmaking, but left sometime after matchmaking. They joined another alliance that was full, and we were unable to communicate with the leadership in the new alliance that ehab was a jumper. The alliance he had joined seemed to be mostly arabic, and we were unable to communicate in the arabic forum to contact leadership of the new alliance they had joined.

Apparently, this player has jumped before, but we didn’t know that in time.

Why is there no consequence to this?.. besides using alternative social communication sites to pass the word on so they make blacklists on Discord or Line for example.

At our level 6 flags unused is a huge disadvantage and our war would have been won with just 3 of their flags.

Sorry to hear that happening to your alliance.
Please check this thread :

@moderators possible merger?


Sorry to hear that this has happened to you / your alliance.
Unfortunately it appears to be happening more frequently. Even with experienced players who should know better.
Sadly there is nothing that can be done. Your best bet is to lock your alliance to invite only and vet any possible players wanting to join.
Good luck

We had a guy who deliberately sabotaged our war because recognized him as a previous titan tourist and kicked him and his crew. Fortunately, it didn’t work, but we’ve gone full invite.

It sucks, but there are some nasty people out there.

Please use the thread linked by @Magnifique :+1:


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