War Jumpers / Bailers / leavers - Possible Solutions? Distribute Flags Randomly or Autoresolve the Fights etc... [Ex-Members]

Alliance War Jumper Flags - Possible Solution?

Problem - Ex-Members Leave Flags on the Battlefield

Its well know that when some ■■■-hat bails on your alliance during a war, they leave their unused Alliance War Flags on the battle-field, unable to be used…

This immediately puts your alliance at an immense disadvantage as you are now several flags below strength that you were when you were matched with the opposition…

Unlike if you leave & return during match-making, once you leave during the war itself, there is no way to rejoin and use their flags…

Idea - Distribute War Jumper Flags Randomly

A solution that one alliance member came up with is to randomly distribute the jumpers flags amongst allies…

This way the team is at less of a disadvantage than if the flags are just “dead”.

By distributing the flags randomly, it means that they won’t necessarily go to the players who have super deep benches but maybe to a player who only has clean-up flags left…

The idea basically being that the flags aren’t putting your team at a complete disadvantage… you at least have a CHANCE…

Alternate Solution 1 – Autoplay / Autoresolve the jumper’s flags

Edit 1:
Another Suggestion made by @JonahTheBard is to have the AI resolve all [Ex-Member] flags. Not sure when these would be run/used as it would impact the battlefield (maybe only at the very end?).

Alternative Solution 2 – Apply an “average” Points Per Flag

Edit 2:
Use the alliance’s average Points Per Flag for the [Ex-Member] flags.

Other Suggestions?

Be keen to hear some feedback & thoughts… or a different way altogether of dealing/ using war-jumper flags…

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your in war and leave the alliance, But come back can you still use your flags? Or you totally out the war for good?

When would the flags be randomly spread out between the alliance?

Having never done this I can’t say with 100% certainty BUT:

If you leave the alliance during matchmaking and come back before start of war you’re all good.

If you leave during matchmaking but come back after war has started you can’t use the flags (of if you don’t come back)

If you leave after war has started remaining flags are gone (regardless if you come back or not)

So I am proposing that any “ex-member” flags during the war time get randomly distributed when they occur.

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Ok cool wernt sure on the coming back part they gone no matter what!
Yeah it could work but could people just make a team up of 30 1 and 2 stars opt in for war then leave then 6 flags are spread out randomly but it’s going to be better than what was on that teams rostar?


Potentially. Always exploits to everything in war…

That was the “randomly distributed” part so that there’s no guarantee who will get the “make up” flags.

I don’t think it is a good idea. Too easily exploited by alliances that have very mixed level members. Low level members would leave during war and their attacks would be distributed to the high level members, that likely have enough strong heroes to use for additional attacks. This would be completely unfair to the opposing alliance.


Do you think so? The low level team would still be in defense and the low level person would sacrifice their loot.

It is possible, I’m just not sure how realistic. Are you thinking alt accounts?

Low levels often have one strong team - that would be their defense - and maybe enough for two or three good attacks. I didn’t say they wouldn’t use any attacks, so they could still participate and get loot. If they left after the first three attacks were made, their remaining flags would be distributed (following the OPs suggestion) amongst the remaining players, which being stronger, would be able to gain more points with the attacks than the weaker players.
So maybe I should have worded it differently - instead of low levels, I should have said members with weak teams or insufficient heroes.

How realistic? I don’t know. I do know that if an exploit is possible, it will be exploited. And then the forum cup runneth over with complaints… :wink:

Edit: And, to be honest, I really don’t think people leaving during war is a problem that SG should be working on.


Hmm. I guess I assumed if you left the war, even if you came back, you lost participation. Not really sure how this would work.


And agreed.

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Just to be clear what I meant: you can use some of your attacks and then leave the alliance… whether or not you return, is a different subject.

I like the idea of doing something like this but it needs to be backed by some sort of penalty for the war jumper to discourage any exploitation as a loophole. As to yet, there have been no changes to dissuade this type of behavior. Most of us have been affected by this at one point in time and its frustrating that it’s not already seen as an issue that needs addressing.


Agreed with OP opinion that there should be any kind of protection against people that leave alliance during war. BUT i agree more with @Witch that people will always find a way to cheat with the proposal made.

Say a small (or average strength) alliance has 15-20 strong members. They decide to fill remaining spots and make alt accounts that can do (as @Witch stated) 2-3 good attacks in the first hours of the war, then those alt accounts leave and pts and flags are “randomly” distributed among the rest strong people. That would be completely unfair to the opponent alliance. I don’t think they will care much for the loot alt accounts won’t get. Their purpose will be served. And that continues in next wars.

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Seems like this would be way too easy to exploit, I get where you’re coming from about war jumpers, but I don’t think this would be the answer.

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I’m not one that likes to manipulate the system, but I can already see 2 scenarios on how to manipulate the system. Make that 3…

Set up alliance w 3 teams w just 1 stars.

War matchmaking takes them into account, getting weaker opponent.

War starts, those 3 leave - 18 flags to stronger teams.


This might have been suggested elsewhere, if so apologies.

How about unused flags being resolved by the AI.

So, admittedly, it’s advantage to the defender. However, it means flags are used in a uniformly fair way


I could back this idea :slight_smile:

Just looking for something which will resolve the “unused flags” caused by War Jumpers.


To be honest if I was the umpire I’d call this as

“Tough luck”
Your team mates really suck


But yes I can understand the frustration


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