War Jumpers Are The Biggest Problem

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Well, that would be nice, but don’t you think you are shifting the burden of wise recruiting to SG on this one? We need a rule to protect us against/from our bad decisions?


Seems more like a case of you mismanaging your alliance member than anyone deliberately/spitefully jumping after matchmaking.


We have rules as many alliance out there…If players not meeting that particular criteria then we let them go to desirable place where they can shine…
And to make u clear its not mismanagement if we ask players to do the requirement and they fails everytime…

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The above scenario is not the 1st time… We respect each player but if same thing happens repeatedly then i think even u will also bother about that…

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You publicly told reprimanded an alliance member in fornt of everyone else in the alliance. As a consequence they left the alliance. That is not a war jumper but rather a reprimand jumper. The war timing was just a coincidence.

You should have avoided discussing it in an open forum, if at all possible. If not possible, then you should moderate your tone. You should also do it at a more appropriate time, i.e. not once matchmaking is complete. And if you do give enough warnings to someone you can just kick them at an appropriate time.



We regularly check performance of players on titan and war and its in past we ask him to do that but if someone is not doing it then what will u do that… Before we kick he left, and left after matchmaking atleast players should keep the game spirit of doing their regular duties…
Sometimes its ok not to reach that goal but not on regularly… Its impact to other member as well…

Its not mismanagement he could have left after his war flags is finished

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He knew that we gonna kick him so he left before war starts and everyone is angry about that situation

Why would he stay if he knew he was going to be kicked? Mismanaged!


Keep ranting mismanged but we know what we will go through

Keep denying accountability for your mismanagement of the scenario but we all know why it happened


Hate to jump in, but I’ve gotta agree with @Homaclese here

At the very least, you should never discuss disciplinary actions - most especially if they’re public, and accusatory - right after matchmaking, and before war. It’s no wonder they left… they felt publicly ostracized, and lost any semblance of camaraderie, and responsibility, of helping your team. I mean, really, what was their incentive to stay?!

So in the future ~

If you must address any issues, and they’ve gotta be in-game due to lack of one on one contact options (via Line, messenger, etc) - I’d really recommend you do it politely. For me, I like using emojis, so they understand it’s not personal, and I’m not trying to berate them. They have a job, and so do we [as leaders] to make sure everything keeps on working accordingly; in a working alliance, everyone should understand, and respect, that. Those who don’t, are prime for a kick.

But at the end of the day, we’re all only human, with real lives outside of this game too… that can take precedence, and become hectic unexpectedly. Finding room for empathy and understanding [in that regard] can go a long way too. I know it’s hard when you’re competitive, take the game seriously and/or are especially high-strung (ie me when I first started co-leading :sweat_smile: - took me a long time to find my rhythm), but there is a balance to be had.

Therefore, sometimes taking a breath before typing any words helps immensely too, to avoid reacting out of frustration (as it is frustrating having to repeat yourself). Then, if you feel someone is taking advantage, and you’ve given em plenty warning, just… kick them, before they ever have a chance of becoming a problem… to avoid situations like this [in the future] permanently.

As clearly, that’s a big red sign that your alliance, and this player, are not compatible 🤷 That :poop: happens sometimes, best to not prolong the suffering, rip the band-aid off, and move on :grin: (easier said than done sometimes tho, I do get that)

As for the idea itself…

Although, I will say, I’m not totally against a sort of penalty for someone who leaves during an active war without using all of their flags. It’s been an issue since the inception of war, and your idea is a solid starting point. However, it’s the execution that’s the problem [here], as in this specific circumstance, I do think this entire situation could have been avoided if handled a lil differently.

But it’s no big deal. Just gotta own it, and learn from it; we all make mistakes, even as leaders. Least one is typically enough to ensure it never happens again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Damn… it’s just a stupid game… if you lose the war because of him, guess what happens?! That’s right! Nothing! Absolutely nothing… forget about it… next time, take advice from the posts above and don’t confront members during matchmaking or war or they’ll go rogue and leave you with 6 unused flags. This ain’t the military, most people don’t enjoy being criticized or ordered around. The company won’t go around punishing people for alliance internal affairs, because they’re smart and know punished people might leave the game for good and take their wallets along. Try taking a smart(er), more diplomatic aproach when it comes to handling members you don’t want to kick.


I actually think the guy who left your alliance was really polite in his response. I wouldn’t have been.

You should have those discussions in private over line/discord and if the person doesn’t fit your alliance then they can move on without being told off in front of 29 people.

For what it’s worth I think minimum targets for titans are a waste of time. There’s always people to help pick up the slack and anyone that chains 14* titans knows not everyone gets 100k everytime. Real life is a thing.

Seems like you’ve actually lost one of the unsung heroes of the game - the War cleaner. Now when there’s 3 mops needed for a flip you’ll need someone else to do it.

Not everything is about Titan damage.


Not come to the forum and continue to name and shame a fellow player, which btw is against forum rules.

FWIW your thead title is deceptive, as in reading your recount of the events that led to your player leaving, it actually started with You berating them about low titan damage :thinking:. So, as the others have said You were the catalyst for your player leaving, I wouldn’t have stayed either…

Commiserations to your alliance mates.


Yeah this is 100% self inflicted wound.

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I won’t get into the self inflicted part as that’s discussed above.

If I were SG I would not add a penalty. If there was a penalty for someone who leaves during war, that player has an increased risk of quitting the game. It effectively locks them out of content. But I’ve never heard of someone quitting the game because a different player war jumped (I’m sure it’s happened).

The player is punished via loot from that war and war chest. But clearly that’s not enough.

Tangential analogy: We can call to get a restaurant reservation. There are customers who miss their reservation. Since there are so many diners/players compared to restaurants/alliances, each restaurant/alliance isn’t going to bother with its own ban list. But diners/players can go find another restaurant/alliance.

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Skunks and Heroes

You are not wrong

As a game designer, I understand ZS decisions about war, especially skunks, jumpers, dead beats, newbies, IRL first responders, IRL parents, etc. ( see notes )


As a player, the thing I hate most is winning is 5 points to the war chest and losing is 1 point. A less anger inducing option would be 95 point war chest with loss being 10 points and win being 13 points so winning gets you x1.3 points not x5 ( minimum 7.30 wins per chest, maximum 9.5 losses per chest instead of the current minimum 5 wins per chest, maximum 25 losses per chest )

Thankless job

Advice is spot on

Your alliance teammates are lucky to have you as alliance top staff


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Public ID



All this and it’s Christmas Day too … the best point I can make is that “this is only a game” to enjoy and have fun with.
Some players need to chill out a little.
What I will say is that as a leader you really should look to do things differently. A good leader would have spoken to a member in private rather than belittle them in open chat.
And to be honest if you had already made up your mind to kick this player from your alliance what difference would it make that they left on their terms before war started?
Best wishes to you and your alliance colleagues for Christmas. And good luck in the war. Cheers


This is another reason there should be private chat. Even if it is only for leaders and co-leaders.

“Hey you keep missing titans what’s the deal?”
Instead it gets blared in chat.

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