War issues

One of my elders defeated an opposing war team and got 0 points for it. How can this be fixed?

Without actual footage of the attack there is no way to confirm this is a bug and have the devs change anything. 0 point hits aren’t uncommon son unless you have proof that your player won, don’t expect anything.

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They didn’t defeat the team, a few spots down is another attack against that person scoring points. Two after that is another scoring attacks


It sounds like another case of lost connection to the server during the battle.


Just happened to me! I killed opponent but gave ma zero score
Simply horrible, they should be able to fix this!
I was between my wi-fi and 4g connection, and gave a zero after i literaly took my opponet down
It stayed waiting computing and then gave me a zero

I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem lately, but I’ve been forced to turn off my WiFi, because my LTE is more reliable.

If you experienced an error during war, you can contact Game Support:


This may also be of interest:

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Can someone explain why I would get a zero score because the game timed out, despite me having full WiFi and wireless signal? If the game doesn’t function properly, why does it count against me and my team rather than you fixing the errors??

This happened to 2 of our players, both locking up on one-shot kills. How can it not cache it client side and send info back when connection is back??

Constantly happens - no-one gives a ■■■■.

There is no equality in choosing the enemy in the war our enemy in the war is very strong and we can not fight[quote=“Ali_alhello1977, post:11, topic:22317, full:true”]
There is no equality in choosing the enemy in the war our enemy in the war is very strong and we can not fight

> Blockquote![Screenshot_20180503-110748|281x500](upload://zbcoPPCKp4Y1VvIBbh0xRnFcn88.jpg)

In today’s war:

  • just during the result saving, wifi connect appears
  • whereas having killed 4 heroes, i got zero point and the opponent is not touched at all

Bugs are quite painful. Above all in war part. Lose 30 points and my opponent is fully safe :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

I have a problem. My team member wrtoe to me…

We do not understand
And this

I’m not sure what is happening with your games, but it sounds like connectivity issues:

If you have trouble with the game, please contact Game Support here (read to the bottom of the FAQ article and click the blue “Submit a Request” link.