War issues/bugs

several members of our team experienced issues w war yesterday. things like specials not doing damage, abnormal amounts of reviving, heroes dying w zero or low mana and reviving full, heroes w zero health not dying, seemed to have mana on healers boosted, heroes like Marjana one-shotting a full health seshat w 3 minions, but offensively hitting frida w 5 specials and not even budging health… losing wars is part of the game but this is frustrating. we were easily 1000pts lower than what we average and it happened to all of our players.

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Anyone else experience this?

I can say we definitely didnt experience such things

No, but I wish I did :smile: one shotting Seshat would have been s pleasure

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I feel like I had some wonky war happening yesterday too. Things like area attacks hitting and killing two members even though QoH was active. Also felt like I was dumping a ton of damage into people with little effect. Didn’t think much of it until I read this. I was thinking to myself “how did those two die when QOH was active?” A few on my teammates felt like things were off too.

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We were talking about this in chat as well during the war. None of us are conspiracy theorists - we look at things logically- but there were several things that seemed off. Sadly, there didn’t seem to be any predicting when something would happen so there’s no visual proof :roll_eyes:

A few of the oddities noted:

  • A fully leveled 5* (can’t remember which) being 1-shot by Marjana. Yes, Marjana is a sniper, but my hero didn’t have damage. The hit seemed a lot stronger than normal. I won’t swear to it, but I believe it was Seshat.
  • Heroes not charging as expected. For example, I had a nice green-leaning board but couldn’t get Ev, Lianna or Greg to charge their special. I made 4 green 3-matches and they wouldn’t charge. Needless to say, I died.
  • Opponents with minimal health not dying when hit. It was Richard who is in the Paladin class, so I expect extra defense. I run 3-2 stacks and the 3 tiles I hit him with were part of my stack. I knew those tiles should have killed him but it’s like they passed straight through without damage. Again, his health bar was almost non-existent.

Our opponents walked through our defenses without seeming to have an issue while everyone on our side struggled. While we do have a few newer players, most in our alliance have been warring for over a year and many since the very first war. Every now and then we experience a war that make you go ‘hmmmmm…’. This was one of them.

As a note - We did end up winning, but only due to lack of total flag usage from our opponents. It was completely theirs to win.

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Our war was fine, however raids for me are exactly what you are describing, doing damage in single digits while enemy is getting over 100pt damage for the little pop pop pop hits, not specials, regular hits. Talked to Samsung and was an issue regarding game launcher for Samsung which I use. However, doesn’t appear to be problem. Was reading boards to see if anyone else having this problem. Started in last 36 hours or so, perhaps related to update. Thanks

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We had no problem in our war, I think, besides the nasty Field Aid.
Maybe our opponent had such strange problems, they really struggled against us more than I expected. We had a member leaving with 6 flags left (what an i…), but we won with almost no effort. Our scores were lower than the last time and I had many problems with bad boards, but I scored over 300, was okay - it was no record, but no one said something about strange things…

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thanks for responding and sharing. im def no conspiracy theorist and hesitated to even post. figured id catch some slack. lol… we really are a strong war team. war score usually somewhere btwn 95-110k. i think we had 4 players score over 200… thats unheard of for our team. for me i specifically noticed tile damage issues. i often mono attack and 3-4 tiles can kill full heroes most times. my purple team i set off a purple gem w huge purple board against weakened team and nothing died. there is zero explanation for some of this. marjana doesnt one-hit anything on offense and blasted my seshat :joy:. without the minions i woukd have shrugged it off but w 3 minions?!? can they make my marjana that good??? please??? lol. another thing i noticed was as i had teams close to dying, it was like their remaining heroes mana’d faster and damage was non-existent. sometimes we draw top 100 teams and they just outscore us but we havemt scored 5300 since this alliance doors opened.

i usually record all my battles just for these reasons bc its hard to explain when you don’t have it to show visually… but i felt like the game has been fine & fair til this war. guess ill go back to recording but wont stick around long w this kinda stuff. takes the fun out of it

We see a war like this every few months so we’ve gotten to where we mentally put an asterisk beside the score. It’s not every war so we can shrug it off as the perfect storm :laughing:

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