WAR issue within Alliance

It has always been a challenge to motivate member use their flag fully. Therefore something hot my thought what can be done to improve it. Already there is an award for 25pts AS chest. The most difficult item to get is 5 star Asfension item like ring n telescope etc. New scoring method if player use all flags within a WAR they score 1 pt. After 10pt, the get an option to exchange 500gems for any 5 star Ascension item. After exchange reset point. Firstly such encourage player to actively online play this games and they can use Gem to exchange. Players will spend money buy Gem if not enough will give games developer income. WIN Win win situation.

Hi there, I do understand what you’re saying but I’m going to play The Devil’s Advocate. Why do you have to bribe people to do what is pretty standard in any Alliance? I am the founder of a top 100 Alliance franchise, if you have to chase people to use their Flags then they’re not meant for the team that you’re setting up. Some people prefer laid-back and casual some people are competitive bribery will only get you so far. In order for the alliance to survive you need a common belief system not bribery. But that’s just my opinion I wish you every luck forward.


Nobody enjoys missed war flags. It’s worse when you lose by a narrow amount. My idea to fix this would be to allow the leader and/or the co-leaders be able to use the heroes of the person with missing flags during the last hour of play. It might make it interesting to have to fight with someone else’s heroes. This would work even if you have someone that starts the war with you and leaves in the middle of it.

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Whoa, don’t you think that’s a bit invasive. You have people that still complain that a red light or a green light shows that they’re on or off. Now you’re saying you want to be able to use their flags and their Heroes that’s just looking for drama in my opinion but good luck my friend

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In a top 100 alliance, as you lead, this would largely be unnecessary. You don’t have a missed flag issue. My proposal would not give the leader the ability to make roster changes, but only the ability to use the missing flag holder’s heroes in battle. I have ran into so many times where real life got in the way of someone logging in to use their flags. This will same them from the wrath of an angry alliance. I would be okay if a war deserter automatically has his flags become playable by the leader, but those who just didn’t use their flags be an optional choice. Similar to opting in to wars would be the ability for the leader to play your war flags, but only in the last hour (or 30 minutes) of the war.

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My point is I started the same as everyone else and you have to get the entire team motivated to be on the same page and then Flags will get used it’s just finding a common core and common goal the only thing I can see is having the leader have the opportunity to opt people out but even that is a bit invasive

I agree with surrounding yourself with an alliance that is like-minded. That is the sometimes elusive goal.

Leader using other member to use flags will stress out leader to much. But allow leader to opt out for WAR on behalf member seem logical as leader who see member too many days offline.

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Small Giant Gaming Alliance War, isn’t time we think outside the box. Every Alliance Wars used Legendary Heroes. How about you change it up to make use of RARE or EPIC HEROES ALLIANCE WARS. I like to see Rare Alliance Wars using 3* heroes only or Epic heroes Alliance War using only 4* heroes only. This is just my suggestion

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