War issue - killed or not killed

I’ve Been full killed by adversary “shade” on war, and he got the full points for that, just a few minutes ago, and i Im still completely alive. Whats wrong? I thought that once we were killed, there was a period of time to realive

My partners from my alliance told me that situation happen to others.
My alliance is " renegados dos infernos"

I assume the opposing alliance didn’t complete a reset of your entire alliance. If they did than immediate respawn of all defenses is the expected behavior.

There was an issue in the first war or 2 that upgrading a hero or troop used on your defense team would respawn the team. I have been leveling a hero in my defense team this war, however, and my defense did not respawn. So if the issue you report is related to that bug, it’s not universal.

I am part of the same alliance “Renegados dos Infernos”, please be careful as we are being harmed by this. Please fixed the bug

I joined 2 pictures: 1 from the war where we can see that i’m alive. The second shows the adversary attack points (76) and in the left down corner you canl also check that my team is alive.
And yes, just a few minutes from the attack.

Come on read his answer! Your whole team got wiped - if that happens EVERYONE in your Team respawns IMMEDIATELY!

Yeah - can’t tell for certain but it sure looks like your whole team was killed which is intended to cause a respawn of all of the teams immediately.

thanks for the answer, I really thought it was a bug

Thanks… Didn’t know that rule. Sorry.

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