WAR isn't working... Again!

A couple of hours in to war and get this… again!
Do you really want people to play the game?! It’s bug after bug after bug and it seems to get worse and worse for each update!!!

Ours still works… outch, not gonna be funny if it goes off again.

Yes my alliance was like that

Yeah. Was same with my alliance for a few moments, then all returned and war continue right now

Yes but my friend is playing and suddenly comes out even though the position has won but points only get 14

OK, war is back on… But still… Start fixing your bugs, you aren’t a little garage team working on this, you had over $30 million revenue last year and you raised $41 million earlier this year for development!

Boy, have you got it backwards: Garage teams do fix their bugs. The bigger the company, the less they care to fix bugs. Like, Microsoft doesn’t even bother to fix security(!) bugs in Windows, unless the vulnerability “meets the bar” …

Anyway, war seems to be running without a glitch around our parts.

Bad comparison. It’s strange to compare the operating system and the elementary game))

Our war also glitched. It had started, disappeared for 5 minutes then came back. No idea what would happen if people were actively attacking.

War is garbage raids are garbage this whole game is garbage and i hope it closes soon

Yeah, I know that a small garage team usually fix everything and I can understand if it takes time for a small garage team to fix all the problems (I used to run a 1 man company with 24/7 customer service…). So, what I mean is that SG should be able to fix things faster and have redundancy as they have the money for it.

oh yeah)) just for you))

… and Microsoft doesn’t? :slight_smile:

Money is not a magic wand. Throwing money at a bug doesn’t make it go away.

when there was a bug with bosses in morloviya it was quickly corrected, what conclusion? )

At the Halloween event there was a problem with the lives of the bosses, it was fixed very quickly. What is the problem to fix the same other errors? )

It’s either one or the other, isn’t it? Either “same” or “other” …

If it’s the same, they have the fix, could easily apply it.

If it’s an other, that’s no help.

the only problem is that the developer corrects what is beneficial for him, and only after that then what is beneficial for the players, but without haste.

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Storm Watch HS1 Alliance member cmoney9911 defeated was opponent Anpat and received ZERO points.


Got the same. Had to restart the game. Works fine now.

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